Sunday, 23 August 2015

Event: Birmingham Cocktail Weekend

I'd been eagerly anticipating Birmingham Cocktail Weekend for months and was pretty gutted when it coincided with the Moseley Jazz festival which I always go to- I would love to have spent Saturday roaming Birmingham looking for cocktails. However, the jazz festival was great and I managed to fit plenty of cocktails in too.

We headed to the hub at Island Bar, picked up a guidebook and wristband and a shot of rum and were on our way!

The premise was that you could go into any of the bars listed in the guidebook, show your wristband and get an exclusive cocktail for £4- bargain.

There were a few places I'd really wanted to head to but couldn't due getting out of work late. So we went to another of my must-trys, The Lost and Found and headed behind the bookcase to find the secret bar. We picked our own strawberries to go into our gin based cocktail.

Feeling hungry, we headed to Chung Ying Central where they not only had a cocktail for us but were offering discounted food too.

We had the 'Flowers of War' cocktail, which was very generous in size and spirits. 

We also tucked into ribs, wings, squid and my favourite pork and prawn siu mai.

I'd wanted to check out the cocktail at the tearoom at the museum but we were too late! Oh well, onwards to Bureau. I love the cocktails here- they are proper grown ups drinks. The £4 special was no different- a smoked orange and ginger sour.

We headed off to Marmalade for a Class Act- a very cute name considering that Marmalade is part of The Rep theatre! This was lovely, fresh and fruity. We chatted to some other cocktail hunters while we were there who recommended heading over to the bar at the Hyatt.

So that's what we did. Usually the Daiquiris are £10 so getting one for £4 was a bargain. I dropped my purse while I was there and they were very helpful the next day.

The next evening after I'd been to the jazz festival, we also headed to Aluna, Bar Epernay, Pennyblacks and Pentahotel. Even with all these cocktails we only had about half what was on offer and didn't even get to try the one at Quarter Horse Coffee or go to any of the masterclasses.

My cocktail of the weekend was from The Bureau. Ironic as orange and ginger aren't usually my favourites. This was a well balanced cocktail with a good amount of alcohol.

Birmingham Cocktail Weekend is definitely back next year and I can't wait to do it properly this time (assuming it isn't the same weekend as the festival). If walking round Birmingham trying delicious cocktails, learning a bit about the spirits and stopping for food on the way sounds like your kind of weekend, sign up for 2016 updates immediately!

Photos by Edd and myself on camera phones in increasingly inebriated states. 

I had a free wristband in return for the articles I wrote for Birmingham Cocktail Weekend, however I paid for my drinks.

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Kezzie said...

It sounds very fun! Ha, I loved your parting comment! Mwa ha !!! I love your blog nowadays! Got to love food and drink posts that made me drool!