Thursday, 23 July 2015

Review: The Keg and Grill, Birmingham

Living in the city centre makes you a bit spoilt. Having an array of bars and restaurants within a 20 minute walk means that your perspective gets a bit wonky. When I lived in the suburbs I had to get a bus or taxi or drive every single time I wanted to go out. Now anywhere over ten minutes away seems like an epic mission. The Jewellery Quarter? That’s at least half an hour!

So I was delighted when The Keg and Grill pub opened five minutes walk from my flat. Finally! A local pub (completely ignoring the entire Mailbox two minutes round the corner).
In the year since The Keg and Grill opened, Edd and I have been probably once every couple of months. Well with such a cosy atmosphere and excellent food, how could we not?

This isn’t a quirky hipster pub, it’s a cosy local with the telly on in the corner and staff who remember you when you revisit. Equally, it isn’t an intimidating ‘locals only’ venue. Simply decorated, with comfy seats and a friendly air.
Drinks wise, the focus is on real ale, with a guest beer changing regularly. Personally, I go for the cider which is Hogans.

Now, the food. A simple menu of Indian mixed grills, curries and sides has changed a little since my first visit but has remained consistently tasty and good quality. I’ve settled on my favourite meal of Saag Paneer with garlic naan and pilau rice.
Edd goes for the Lamb Saag. The saag in both dishes is creamy, comforting and with just the right level of spice. Good chunks of lamb or paneer make each dish a slightly different experience.
The naan is some of the nicest I’ve ever had- thin and crispy in the best way, perfect for mopping up the rest of the sauce once my paneer is gone.

The rice is also worth a mention as is it topped with crispy onions which make for fantastic texture.
As well as the saag paneer, I’ve tried the giant mixed grill and the fish pakora both of which were great quality.
The Keg and Grill is situated on Upper Gough Street, just behind the Mailbox and the Postbox apartments. Worth a couple of minutes extra walk for a great quality curry.

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