Thursday, 9 July 2015

Product review: Beechs Chocolates

Beechs Chocolate Thins

Beechs Chocolate Thins

Beechs Chocolate Thins

Beechs Fine Chocolates recently got in touch via Twitter and offered to send me some of their chocolate thins. I love chocolate and I particularly like trying out different brands- it's not all about Cadbury!

Beechs are based in Preston and have been making chocolates since 1920. They sell a variety of bars, creams, ginger chocolates, brazils and there's even a vegan section.

They sent me their thins to try. I received all four flavours- Ginger, Lime and Chilli, Sea Salt and Mint. The beautiful packaging makes these a fantastic gift. I'll definitely be purchasing some for birthdays.

Opening up the box I was greeted by a generous amount of round, thin chocolates. All except the sea salt are dark chocolates. Each chocolate is shiny and breaks with a satisfying snap.

I started with the most intriguing- the lime and chilli. The lime flavour was strongest with the chilli giving just a hint of warmth.

I'm not usually a huge ginger fan but I enjoyed the delicate heat of the ginger thins. Both the ginger and lime and mint were perfect for a little treat in the evening- they gave that chocolate hit without needing more than a few.

The final dark chocolate thin was the mint. These are made with English Black Mitcham Mint and you could definitely taste the quality. The freshness of the mint contrasted perfectly with the rich dark chocolate.

Finally, the sea salt milk chocolate thins. These were the most moreish and I could happily have got through half a box of these in one sitting. The milk chocolate was creamy but the sea salt stopped it being too sweet.

Beechs Chocolate Thins are usually £4.99 but you can get them for £2.50 at the moment. Maybe you've got end of year teacher presents to buy? As a teacher I can confirm that these would go down very well indeed!

I really enjoyed trying the thins and I will be remembering them next time I have presents to buy.

 I received these chocolates in return for an honest review.


On The Search For Love said...

Ive never heard of this brand, however im now craving chocolate! The sea salt sounds irresistible x

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Lucy said...

These sounds nice especially the lime and chilly Lucy