Tuesday, 7 July 2015

June in food

Foodie bits and bobs I didn't write about in June.

June was the last month to enter to win tickets to this event. I kept on going every Friday. It's been interesting looking back over the photos. I've realised that I always want a treat on a Friday- something streetfood inspired, even if I am too tired to go out and buy the real thing.

Stand outs this month were BBQ chicken and pineapple quesadillas...

BBQ chicken and pineapple quesadillas

...and a chicken and parma ham pizza made with a Northern Dough Company base.

Chicken and parma ham pizza

 I know I'm a finalist but there are lots of us so I haven't got my hopes high!


Since Deliveroo started delivering in Birmingham, I've become a bit addicted. Food cooked at your favourite restaurant and delivered to your door...What more could you need?

So far I've tried out deliveries from Dirty Cow Burger, Amantia, Chung Ying Central and (just yesterday) Gourmet Burger Kitchen. All have been delivered quickly, still hot and held together well in the packaging.

This Dirty Cow burger which contained FRAZZLES crisps was an amazing hangover cure.

Dirty cow burger deliveroo

I love the tapas at Amantia and having it delivered is even better. It was nice to have a takeaway that wasn't too ridiculously unhealthy either (ignore the oil, cheese, deep fried food....) Look there's salad on the plate...!

Amantia tapas deliverooDoes Deliveroo deliver in your area?  https://deliveroo.co.uk/


I did do some cooking too. I baked this delicious coffee and walnut cake for my Dad for Fathers Day. The topping is cream cheese and brown sugar.

Coffee and walnut cake

I cooked sticky honey and chilli chicken with rice, spring onions and sesame seeds and it was a real mid-week treat.

Honey and chilli chicken

The mango and leaves make this salad look healthy but there was also quite a lot of cheese!

Mango, mozzarella, parma ham

 Last week's sun made it easy to eat a lot of fruit. I loved chopping up different fruits and making my own fruit salad.

fruit salad

But sometimes only Liptons Ice Tea will do!


Kezzie said...

Seriously, frazzles in a burger??? The real frazzles or a frazzles-type crisp??? Mmmmm....
All this looks really good. Mmmmm, I love Lipton peach tea. X

Unknown said...

Loving your round-up, and am v jealous of Deliveroo. Think I'm a bit too far out in a Rugby :-(

Unknown said...

Wow, frazzles on a burger! Never heard of that before but it sounds tasty! Love the idea of BBQ chicken with pineapple too. I'm really really hungry now! :) x