Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Event: Cocktail XChange does Gin in June

Saturday 13th June. 7pm. Also known as Gin o'clock! To celebrate I went along to Cocktail XChange's event, Gin in June at Hotel Du Vin.

Held in the bar of the hotel, we were treated to an evening of gin cocktails, gin samples, G&Ts, gin information...Basically lots of gin. Which works for me as gin is my favourite spirit!

Using local gin Langley's throughout, the staff at Hotel Du Vin had whipped up three new creations for us.

Cucumber Leaf Martini- Gin, Elderflower Liquor, Cucumber and Apple juice.

A classic flavour combination and one I love. This is the sort of cocktail I would order from a menu. A little sweet, a little fragrant, but with the cucumber and gin cutting through perfectly.


HDV Langley Raspberry Spritz- Gin, Liquor 43, fresh raspberries, topped with Prosecco 

A very refreshing drink. Raspberries and prosecco are a match made in heaven. This went down very nicely indeed!

Basil and Grapefruit- Gin, Rhubarb Liquor, basil, grapefruit, topped with tonic water.

Basil and grapefruit both work excellently with gin and grapefruit is the garnish of choice for Langley's. This was like a super special G&T.

In between the cocktails there was time for some gin tasting. Here's a tip for tasting spirits neat. Don't 'shoot' it, you won't get the flavours. Instead, take a sip and swill it round your mouth like mouthwash. It will taste awful but it will acclimatise your taste buds. On the next sip you will appreciate the delicate botanicals.

There was also chance to enter a competition. This was such fun- we went into a room filled with balloons and popped them to see what prize was inside. I won a Langley's glass!

At 7pm, we all had our G&Ts in hand and raised our glasses to Gin o'clock! All over the world, people were celebrating using the hashtag #ginoclock and we watched them roll in on twitter on a big screen. You can see one of my tweets up there, having been retweeted by Anita at Delicious PR! Thanks Anita!

Does this sound like your kind of event? Try the next one, which is based around Absinthe. I'm really excited about this one as I know nothing about Absinthe. It will be a similar structure with special cocktails, a taster of Absinthe and information about the history of it too. Tickets are £25, the event will be held at Le Truc on 22nd August.

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