Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Review: Chung Ying Central, Colmore Row, Birmingham City Centre

Chung Ying Central is a stylish, modern Dim Sum and cocktail restaurant on Colmore Row in the city centre. Sister restaurant to Chung Ying Cantonese and Chung Ying Garden, Chung Ying Central also has a wide variety of Cantonese food. I've had a set menu there before and it was a cut above your standard set menu!

Edd and I had been saying for ages that we should go for cocktails and Dim Sum so I was delighted to be invited along there one evening.

James, the manager asked us what sort of things we enjoy and put together a selection of dim sum for us to share. We also got a little sneak preview of a new item on the menu.....

*New!* Crispy duck Char Sui buns with plum sauce. These are a new item and I can confirm that they are delicious! The contrast of the soft steamed bun with the crispy duck is sensational. Definitely have them as soon as you can.

King Prawn Dumplings. James had asked if we liked prawns and I replied 'yes' most emphatically. As a prawn fan you do get used to tiny soggy little things masquerading as king prawns. Not at Chung Ying Central! The soft outer layer gave way to perfectly cooked juicy prawns.

Baby Octopus with garlic. This had been recommended to me on twitter so of course I had to try it. It was essentially tasty, crunchy deep fried squid. I love that it hadn't been chopped up as this gave it different textures.

Pork and King Prawn Siu Mai. I'd tried these before at a Yelp event and they remain my favourites! I'd never have thought of pork and prawns going together before but they compliment each other perfectly.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls. These are Edd's favourite. They aren't like any spring rolls I've ever had before. A crispy outer layer is wrapped around pork and vegetables and served with a chilli dipping sauce.

Spicy King Prawn Parcels. Look at all that chilli! Yes these had a good spice kick to them but it was refreshing and tasty, not overwhelming. The prawns were perfectly cooked, as ever.

King Prawn Dumplings. Like I say, I really love prawns. These were really fun and more-ish. Perfect to snack on with a cocktail.

Oh, speaking of cocktails....

Chung Ying Central have a fantastic cocktail menu. Along with their dim sum it's what makes them stand out.

They have some super 'zodiac' cocktails (a cocktail for each animal in the zodiac. Mine is a Fluffy Cottontail!!), classic cocktails and some house cocktails which all have an Oriental twist. We decided to go for some of these. They feature lots of gin, fruits such as lychee and rose.

After dinner we fancied something sweet but were quite full so went for dessert cocktails!

Edd had a Black Forest- Vodka, Chambord, Raspberry and Apple.

I had Lemon Meringue- Limoncello, Lemon, Cream, Old J Rum.

Despite the cream, these were both refreshing and perfect for the end of the meal.

Oh, we also ended up with lemon vodka shots!

This is my third visit to Chung Ying Central but the first time I've been for Dim Sum and cocktails. It was a fantastic, fun, relaxed night with tasty food and interesting cocktails.

I'd definitely recommend it as a date night venue or a place to meet with friends over food and drinks. A wonderful evening.

(I loved it so much I ordered some more Dim Sum via Deliveroo...)


Thanks to Chung Ying Central and Ed James Group for inviting me to eat and picking up the bill!

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