Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Review: Bottomless Brunch at Gas Street Social

One of my favourite activities at the weekend is to go out for brunch. When it comes to Edd and I, it always is brunch as opposed to breakfast as we always get up late on a weekend! Heading out around 11am for some food and a good coffee feels so decadent. There's not a shortage of good brunch options in Birmingham and now there's a new one to add to the list.

I'd heard of the concept of Bottomless Brunch on Buzzfeed and other US websites and it seemed like a fabulous idea! I love an alcoholic beverage with breakfast on a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Decadence on top of decadence. Bottomless Brunch basically means you have a certain amount of time to get unlimited drinks with your breakfast. In a civilised way of course.

So, Bottomless Brunch has finally hit Birmingham and Gas Street Social are the latest to get on board. Edd and I headed there on a rainy Saturday morning and were greeted by a vibrant, colourful table of pastries, fruit and vegetables and infused water.

Edd went for an Americano and a Mimosa and I went for a Flat White and a Bellini. The coffee was fine- not the prettiest Flat White I've ever seen but it tasted good. Realistically you're not there for the coffee! 

The Bellini was excellent, one of the nicest I've ever had. It was wonderfully frothy and fruity. Edd's Mimosa was sweet and tangy. 

We had a nose at some of the other breakfast cocktails too. These aren't included in the bottomless deal but I might have to come back and try the Full English Breakfast Martini. It features such exciting ingredients as potato vodka and porcini vermouth! 

While waiting for our breakfasts to arrive we headed to the do-it-yourself toast area. For £3 you can have unlimited toast with an excellent selection of jams and spreads. I went for peanut butter which was gorgeous. The Hockley bread was excellent too.

We had an excellent time playing with the toaster.

Our food had arrived!

Edd went for the Gas Street Works- two lots of egg, bacon and sausages, grilled tomato, black pudding, beans, sautéed potatoes and mushrooms. Plus more toast. It also included a cup of coffee or tea.

I went for the Full English- a smaller version of the Gas Street Works. This was one egg, bacon and sausage, plus tomato, mushroom and toast. I pinched Edd's beans as he doesn't like them! I loved the beans, they were in a beautifully herby tomato sauce. The sausage and bacon were excellent quality and the egg was perfectly runny. I even enjoyed my tomato- don't you find tomatoes can sometimes be a bit rubbish at breakfast?

There are a variety of poached and scrambled egg dishes available, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes and so on, as well as lunch options such as salads or burgers. I'll definitely be back to try more!

Brunch is available Saturday and Sunday 9am-1pm. Bottomless Brunch is £15 per person and gives you a two hour slot with unlimited Bellinis or Mimosas.

I was invited to try Gas Street Social's brunch for free.


Kezzie said...

It sounds an interesting concept. I'm not into the alcohol but the food sounds great!x

Sophie said...

BOTTOMLESS! Incredible. This sounds right up my street!
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