Friday, 5 June 2015

New opening: Cosy Club opening, Bennett's Hill, Birmingham City Centre

I was lucky enough to win tickets to the launch of The Cosy Club. I was pleased as I was very keen to peek inside the new bar.

They've taken over the old Midland Bank- a beautiful building which has stood empty for some years. The Cosy Club seems the ideal place to fill it.

When we first walked in, we didn't get much chance to take in anything but the huge scale of the place. A large bar in front of us, stairs to the left and sofas to the right. Plus a couple of mysterious side rooms in the distance.

Edd and I headed upstairs with some other bloggers where we were put at a table. They provided us with a selection of their tapas/small plates to try.

The dishes included mushrooms topped with cheese, hummus, sweet potato falalfels and halloumi, carrots and chickpeas.

My favourites were the cheesy mushrooms, paprika pulled chicken and mini Cumberland sausages.

As well as tapas, they have a variety of meals on the menu such as fish and chips, burgers and steak. They are also open for brunch. I'll definitely be checking out the brunch one weekend!

After we'd eaten we had chance to wander round and have a look at the quirky decoration.

As well as the more formal eating area where we were there are a couple of side rooms with cosy sofas and armchairs which look perfect for chilling out with a cup of coffee or a drink.

Speaking of which, we were handed the cutest mugs on the way out. I've been loving using mine for my evening hot chocolate or redbush tea!

Cosy Club is now open for food and drinks on Bennetts Hill, Birmingham city centre.

I won tickets to the opening event on Twitter. 

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Kezzie said...

It looks really nice! Very tasty and I am drooling at the thought of halloumi!x