Friday, 26 June 2015

New opening: Aluna, The Mailbox

On a beautifully sunny evening, my semi-professional plus one (Edd) and I headed to the launch night of the Mailbox's newest cocktail bar, Aluna.

I hadn't seen much about it other than a mysterious email and a few pictures on twitter. I was expecting a glamorous setting and intriguing cocktails.

And that is what I got.

Aluna is rather plush and glamorous, with velvet seats and jewellery framed on the wall. There are dramatic chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the bar is a rather fabulous rose gold colour. 

I was lucky enough to go to the press launch but I think I got a good impression of what it will be like as we were paying for drinks towards the end of the night. The cocktails are well-priced, around £7 which is no more or less than you would expect to pay for a cocktail. 

The cocktails are theatrical and interesting, with smoke, dry ice and other exciting things taking place. Underneath all the drama are well thought out drinks with good spirits. The theatricals are fun and a talking point but do mean you can wait a long time at the bar.

This orange 'lava lamp cocktail arrived bubbling and smoking like a witch's cauldron!

The bar manager came over to our table to demonstrate some firey cocktails! I loved this cocktail though it tasted dangerously like Angel Delight!

This Bubblegum Martini attracted a lot of attention due to the glow sticks.

A Mochatini- essentially an espresso martini with chocolate and cream.

We just tried canapes but they were fresh and tasty. Loved those prawns!

I was impressed with the drinks at Aluna and the view out onto the canal is gorgeous. I will be popping back to try more drinks and see how the food menu is.

Aluna is now open at The Mailbox on the lower floor by the canal. Check out their website to see their splendid cocktail creations.

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