Saturday, 9 May 2015

Lunch Lately

I work full time and generally through my lunch break. My local options are Subway, Costa, Greggs and a baguette shop. I do sometimes buy lunch from one of these and think of it as a little treat but I can't really afford to to it everyday, the options aren't that exciting and I don't have the time.

So my packed lunch is pretty important to me.

I'm not someone who can just eat a ham sandwich for substance. I need something nice or else I get a bit sad!

I've started putting some of my lunches on Instagram so I thought I'd blog about them too. I'm always on the lookout for new lunch ideas so I may as well join in!

Please note my amazing lunchbox. It's my favourite thing.

Serrano ham, avocado and leaves, plus a bit of goats cheese and cherry tomatoes. Mug of tea and an Activia yoghurt. Literally no skill involved in this, just bunged together lots of things I like.

 Serrano ham, leaves, amazing tomatoes. Few cucumber slices, Goats Cheese Babybel (yes). Mug of tea and Activia yoghurt.Again, literally no skill involved.

I'd ran out of ham so I just had tomatoes and leaves, cucumber slices and Goats Cheese Babybel with some amazing sweet potato crisps. The addition of the Tunnock's Caramel clearly makes this a lunch of winners.

The last few lunches were really thrown together. Ocado had a deal on anti-pasti/tapas type bits so I had some lovely ham and tomatoes which were a great treat and involved very little effort on my part. I really enjoy a lunch which is made up of lovely little bits and pieces that are in the fridge.

Oh my goodness, this was amazing! Really tasty veg and meat, filling and satisfying. I don't usually have something that needs warming up because the microwave in the staffroom is terrible, but this was worth the hassle.

What I need to start doing is using left overs- I just don't often have any! I've also made myself a Pinterest board of work lunch ideas.

Blogging about my work lunches has made me really think about what I'm having for lunch at work!

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Kezzie said...

I am not very good at making lunch. I had a spurt of making salads last week but usually I rely on tins of soup, tomatoes, beans and then toast bread from the freezer. I always keep bread and butter there and buy my bread when it is reduced to 29p.

your lunches look good. x