Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Event: Burger Battle Round 3

A couple of weeks ago, we were back at Spotlight for Burger Battle Round 3.

There were a couple of changes which I will talk about shortly but the basic premise stayed the same...two amazing burger vendors compete to take the Burger Battle crown!

At this event, the Drinks Bus turned up! We could get Ginger Grouse and Pistonhead larger there at a super bargain price of two for £5, plus there was seating upstairs too! The layout was slightly different this time, which allowed for more seating which we really appreciated.

Now onto the burgers...

Burger One. Le Bun (London)  Le Holy Fire.

This was one dreamy burger. I loved the onion ring, the creamy truffle mayo and the juicy ox cheek. A great start!

Burger Two. Fat Hippo (Nottingham) The Born Slippy

Once I tucked into this burger, I understood the name! The rib meat on top had the most beautiful sweet flavour, especially combined with the chilli jam. I ended up scooping lots of it from the box rather than having it all in one, but that just adds to the messy fun.

For some reason the Fat Hippo queue took much longer to get through. I didn't really mind as we were enjoying the atmosphere and our drinks.

It was nice to sit and enjoy our burgers and drinks and watch the DJ at work on top of the bus.

Plus Gavin Parsons, superstar magician, was there wowing the crowd with his card tricks.

Edd and I had a fantastic Sunday evening eating delicious burgers and soaking up the atmosphere.

Of course, this was a competition, so there's a public vote and a judges vote.

So who won?

Judge's vote: Le Bun

People's vote: Fat Hippo

Interested in attending the next event?

UK Burger Battle- Carnivores Carnival
Sunday 21st June 4pm-onwards
£20 early bird tickets (discount with an Independent Birmingham card)

You definitely need to be at this one as the Burger legends Original Patty Men are going to be competing!


Kezzie said...

You do make me hungry with these posts! What does ox taste like!? I love all parts of this except brioche buns- I just can't get on wiht them!x

Kezzie said...

oOooh, weird, I'm sure I read and commented on this! They do look lovely but I am not a fan of the brioche bun!x