Monday, 6 April 2015


Wrapchic is a great lunchtime option in the Bullring. Just next to Gap on the walkway through to New St Station, you will find a bright and cheerful stand selling coffee, cakes, burritos, rice pots and snacks all with a very special Indian twist.

When Wrapchic opened a couple of years ago in a different location, the owner wanted to bring Indian food into the lunchtime market. In the UK we associate Indian cuisine with quite heavy, dinnertime food but he wanted to introduce some Indian streetfood staples as well as a twist on the wraps and burritos we are already familiar with.

We started out by trying their nachos, topped with sour cream, salsa and jalepenos. Well, you know what nachos are like and at £1.50 these are a nice enough snack but they aren't the most exciting thing on the menu.

Next up were spicy chicken wings. These were hot, spicy and soft and another really good lunch option, especially if you want something really tasty!

I also tried out a 'wraposa' which is Wrapchic's cross between a somosa and a toastie. It really works! I loved the spicy potato filling. Washed down with a mango lassi, I was ready to try one of the main options.

So at Wraposa, the idea is that you have an Indian version of a burrito- rice, beans and an Indian-influenced filling. These are made up at the counter so you can pick what filling, sauces and salad you have.

There's lots available for all tastes- chicken, mutton, fish, paneer or tofu. You can also have a wrap, a bowl or a taco, which is a smaller version of the wrap.

I was filling pretty full so I went for  a Chicken Rajasthani bowl. I picked rice, the chicken filling, mint chutney sauce, salad and  some extra mango chutney.                  

It's great that you can watch the product being made and change parts to suit your taste or appetite- for example I missed out the beans as I wanted a lighter meal.

I really liked my mint and coriander chicken, it had good strong flavours but wasn't spicy so this would be a great option for people who don't like spice!

Both the burrito and the rice bowl are pretty substantial so would even make a good evening meal after doing some shopping in the Bullring.

If you've got room after all that you can even have pudding! I loved the mango muffin I tried, it was soft and sweet. I also tried a chilli chocolate cookie and a kind of carrot cake which were both really good. I'll definitely go along for coffee and a cake.

So I'd definitely recommend Wrapchic for a tasty, filling and unusual lunch- if this was near my work I'd be there everyday!

Thanks so much to Delicious PR for inviting me along and to the manager and staff at Wrapchic for feeding me so well!

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