Monday, 13 April 2015


I recently posted about new venture Nomad popping up at Kitchen Garden Cafe, Kings Heath. The premise behind Nomad is to use locally grown or foraged produce, with menus changing depending on what is available. It's not a specifically vegetarian menu (though it can be) but meat and fish are only used when necessary to the meal.

Edd and I went along on the second night to try the long menu- 8 courses of delicious, inventive food. This was the most exciting meal I've had in some time.

Deep fried moss! This was a great start to the meal- great textures and flavours.

Warm cucumber and warm ricotta was a new experience for me. The ricotta rolled in ashes was very unusual and I'm glad it was only a small part. Loved the spheres of cucumber.

Imagine a risotto but made with sunflower seeds instead of  risotto...! This was such a comforting dish but I loved the contrast of the pickled rose leaves.

This was a beautiful piece of fish, complemented perfectly with the greens. Light, tasty and again somehow comforting.

I was excited about the bowl of duck! I loved the way it was presented on the plate with the mini veg. The rich sauce added perfect seasoning. The crispy ball was amazing. The pate was super tasty but a little too rich for me. Luckily Edd gobbled it up!

Pickled bilberries and fresh curds doesn't sound too exciting but it was gloriously fresh.

The final pudding was bought out to us by Alex the chef which was lovely. He told us that it was all his memories of apple combined into a pudding which I just love.

The only thing I didn't manage to get a picture of was the cauliflower. Yep, you read it right, this dish featured ANTS! We were informed that this was because they wanted to add a citrus taste but couldn't use lemon as it isn't local. I didn't quite understand the point of this until I bit into it and found that the ants really did taste of lemon. How exciting!

I adore the whole concept of Nomad and the food was sensational. Usually taster menus are rather meat heavy and leave you a bit exhausted (but happy! I've had amazing times at Adams!). After Nomad I felt satisfied but also comfortable. Edd and I were also extremely excited by what was, for us, a very new experience. I loved that meat isn't the main part of the meal and that Alex and Nomad are showing what can be done with local, seasonal and unusual ingredients.

The residency at Kitchen Garden Cafe is pretty much booked up I believe but keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter for cancellations or look at the website


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh how amazing! I love the idea behind Nomad but have never been.

Kezzie said...

You ate ANTS!?!?!?!?!?!