Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March in Food

It's April! Each month that goes by seems to get foodier and foodier and this one is looking no different.

So what foodie goodness was there in March that I haven't already written about?

I popped along to Marmalade at the REP for breakfast. The Full English was huge and really good quality. I loved the sausages and the coffee. Will definitely be back for French Toast.

Venison Bolognese

I used this gorgeous David and Oliver sauce with venison and penne pasta. I've only recently started to appreciate pasta and this was a great mid-week meal.

One Trick Pony

Edd and I had 241 burgers at this new venue in Moseley. It's styled as an independent but is actually Mitchells and Butler. I don't mind that as long as they're doing something unusual. I went for a chicken, bacon and avocado burger and it was absolutely fine. I wouldn't pay full price but I'd go again on a Tuesday. Need to try the wings too!


I took my class along to Cadbury World as part of our Chocolate topic. All the teachers sneaked out to the shop to buy Cadbury mis-shapes. They're so good and it's exciting when you get a creme egg one!

Speaking of creme eggs...have you tried them this year? Did you notice the difference in the chocolate? I can't say I did but it does make me sad that they aren't using proper Cadbury chocolate anymore.

6/8 Kafe

I love this coffee shop! Great flat whites and the cakes are incredible. Edd and I had discounted coffee and cake using my Birmingham Independent card. You should definitely get one if you spend much time in the city- you can get great discounts and support independent businesses at the same time.
Also look at that red velvet cake. Dreamy!

The Delhi, Solihull

I went for a curry for my friend's birthday. This is a really pretty, cosy restaurant in Solihull. We started with some fabulous poppadoms with lovely dips and chutneys. Loved the mango chutney! I then had a very good peshwari naan and some huge tandoori prawns.

Sunday Lunch at The Fiddle and Bone

I am so happy that The Fiddle and Bone is back! Just down the canal from Brindley Place, this gorgeous Victorian building used to be a live music venue and pub that I would visit with my parents as a child. It closed in the early 00's due to complaints about noise, but is now back up and running. Edd and I visited for Sunday Lunch and were really impressed. Definitely a contender for the city centre's best roast.
I had slow cooked pork belly with the most amazing crackling, honey roast parsnips and lovely seasonal veg. I liked that they didn't bulk it out with a giant pointless Yorkshire pudding (I know others would disagree). Washed down with a pint of cider and a live jazz band playing upstairs, this was a wonderful Sunday afternoon.


Kezzie said...

All this looks GOOOOOOD!!!! You eat some lovely dishes!x

Natasha said...

I love your foodie posts, Helen, they always give me good ideas of where to go if I'm ever in the area - I love the look of those burgers too! - Tasha

daisychain said...

I shouldn't have read this post before breakfast! It's gonna be a chocolate themed one now x

char said...

Oh, yum! Everything in this post looks amazing. I really want a burger, now. I'm surprised to report that I'm not really missing chocolate after giving up sugar for Lent.