Saturday, 18 April 2015

Brindley Place Easter Street Food Market

I wrote about this a few weeks ago and I was really happy to be able to pop along a couple of times over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The first time was in the rain but Edd and I didn't let that put us off. There were so many new food vendors to try!

The second time was on Bank Holiday Monday when the sun and the crowds were out. Great to see so many people enjoying delicious food!

Meat Heads

These are meatballs but not as we know them. Edd went for meatballs on our rainy Friday visit. The tastiest ever meatballs in a rich tomato sauce topped with crisp, fresh salad. All in a bun. Subway this most certainly isn't. I've never been a big fan of meatballs but I really enjoyed the bite I had of this.

 I need to talk about those incredible garlic and rosemary new potatoes too. Soft, warm, perfectly cooked. If you see Meatheads around, you NEED to try those potatoes.

Good Grub

While Edd was tucking into his meatball sub, I went for a little wander, trying to decide what to eat. I wanted a burger but nothing too heavy. Luckily Good Grub had the answer: a chicken burger.

So, chicken burgers can be a bit dull. This was not any ordinary chicken burger. The chicken itsef had been mixed up with basil, lemon and just the right amount of chilli. Add to this a walnut, spinach and rocket pesto, crunchy salad and a great quality brioche bun and you have a winning lunch. And five quid. Hands down the nicest chicken burger I've ever had. I need to learn how to replicate it immediately.

Fancy Fries

What do you want with a burger? I want chips! They are surprisingly hard to find at street food events. So I was pleased to see newcomers Fancy Fries filling that gap.

Great quality twice-cooked fries with a variety of sauces to choose from. I went for bog standard BBQ (not homemade) but I wish I'd been a bit more exciting and gone for creme fraiche with some salady/herby bits on top. Next time I will!

 Sticky Fig

On our next trip to Brindley Place, Edd was determined to have Sticky Fig's beef rib. He was devastated to find they had sold out by the time we got there- so he went for the pulled pork bun instead. This was great quality pulled pork, delicious sauce, great coleslaw, great bun. We've all had something similar at this point- but it doesn't stop it being delicious.

We'll be keeping am eye out for Sticky Fig again- got to try the beef rib!

Vegan Grindhouse

I did something crazy- I didn't have meat.

I always see Vegan Grindhouse at these events and I always read great reviews of them. Being a meat-eater I am spoilt for choice everywhere I go so I've never ended up trying them out.

On this occasion I decided to try them out. I picked a 'cheese and bacon' patty with some BBQ sauce. I loved the way it was presented and it was neatly put together, making it easier to eat than a conventional burger.

I loved the patty itself, it had a great texture and a lot of taste. The 'cheese' had a surprisingly strong flavour and was a great addition. I can't say I got anything from the 'bacon' so I would probably just go for a cheese patty in future.

Although this wasn't as oozy and rich as a standard burger, it was perfect for lunchtime. I didn't feel greasy or heavy afterwards. Instead I felt satisfied but also pretty light, with a good taste in my mouth.

 All in all this was a great event- I adore things like this, especially in the sun!


Kezzie said...

These days your blog just makes me drool constantly!!! I want to try these!!!!x

Unknown said...

This food all looks so yummy!

Jenny said...

I went too: looks like we ate from different sides! :D