Sunday, 22 March 2015

Food and Memory at Nomad- your chance to collaborate!

I mentioned exciting new restaurant/project Nomad recently.

Menus changed weekly/daily, ingredients from allotments and foragers, a sample menu featuring things like 'fresh ricotta in ashes' and now a series of events known as NO RULES!

No Rules is the development and experimentation outlet of Nomad and this your chance to be a part of it.

Nomad will be running a series of events based around food and memory. I adore this idea.

Food is such a strong driver of memory. I feel like my food memories aren't particularly poignant or glamorous.

But here they are:

Hot chocolate

Not just any hot chocolate. The exceptionally sweet stuff you get in Spain. My first foreign holiday was to Fuengirola on the Costa Del Sol aged 9. Of an evening, after food and a walk, my parents and I would settle into the hotel bar. They would have brandy, I would have sugary sweet hot chocolate.
The thought of it makes me feel happy and relaxed. Looking back I realise how happy my parents must have felt too, relaxed in the warm with their brandy.

Apricot jam

Bit of a weird one this. My first job, when I was at sixth form, was at Bakers Oven (like Greggs). I somehow ended up with what I felt was a really awesome responsibility- doing the BAKE OFF. I didn't realise that no-one else wanted to do it! This was way before the famous TV programme.
Doing the Bake Off basically meant getting in at 7am on a Saturday morning, heating up part baked baguettes and pastries and icing cakes. There was lots of glazing to be done too and this was all done with apricot jam. Now the smell of apricot jam takes me straight back there to the tiny little room drinking rubbish coffee and having a jolly old time icing danishes.

Vodka and cranberry juice

Edd and I got together when we were fairly young (22) and weren't working as much as we are now. I'd go over to his after a shift at the cinema and we'd sit and talk into the night and drink rather strong vodka and cranberries. We still do! But the amount of vodka has decreased and the quality has increased. And the taste of vodka and cranberry takes me back to those crazy early days!

So now it's your turn! What are YOUR food memories?
Let Nomad know and they may pick your food memory and incorporate it into one of their No Rules events, inspired by your input.
If your ideas are chosen, you will be invited to the event in May.
Simply email Share as much or as little as you like.
Visit to book. 
The only way to get a table for June is to enter this competition or to be already booked in for April/May. 

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