Sunday, 1 March 2015

February in Food

March already! February is a short month but I managed to fit in plenty of foodie times.

I was lucky enough to eat at this fabulous vegetarian restaurant with Yelp. I had mushrooms to start and battered halloumi for my main. It was utterly fantastic and I urgently need to try their taster menu and review it properly!

Digbeth Dining Club

Edd and I popped along to the first DDC of the year. It was extremely busy but everyone was in good spirits. After grabbing ourselves some cider, we got into the nearest queue which happened to be for Spectacular Goat pizzas. We were happy we got into this queue as the pizzas were fantastic! Mine was topped with mac&cheese and bacon bits. Filth! I also bumped into Ahmed of UK Burger Battle (have you got your tickets yet?) and Rib Nights fame and he kindly donated a pot of smoked lamb and feta cheese from Low'n'Slow which was incredible.

Tesco Duffin

When Edd and I spotted these doughnut/muffin hyrbid, we had to try them! It was a bit like a vanilla cupcake coated in sugar. Very odd but curiously moreish...

The Warehouse Cafe nibbles

At the Yelp Brum 'My Heart Belongs to Birmingham' gallery launch, the nibbles were provided by vegetarian restaurant The Warehouse Cafe. It was incredible! I loved the little spicy veggie burgers and fresh halloumi wraps.  


The topic for my class at the moment is Chocolate. We're off to Cadbury World this week and we actually had a chocolate tasting lesson which was a lot of fun. The children take it so seriously, bless them!

6/8 Kafe Launch

More coming up on this soon! I went to the launch of 6/8 Kafe's new venue at Millennium Point where there were some interesting and unique nibbles.

Roberts Bakery Valentines Sandwich

Read more here

Yorks Bakery Cafe

Yorks have a fantastic new brunch menu. I had feta and avocado smash which was fantastic!

Waitrose Valentines Meal Deal

Breaded Camembert with redcurrant sauce...amazing!

Another delicious meal at Big Papas....This time a delicious lunch for only £5!


I made coffee cupcake for Edd's Dad's 60th!

Bella Italia

On Wednesday my Mum and I watched Shaun the Sheep at the cinema (because we're adults!) and then had dinner at Bella Italia. I loved these cute desserts in shot glasses.

Mini treat from Costa

Ridiculous giant sundae from O'Neills

Needless to say I did not finish it!


daisychain said...

At 5:40am I now have all sorts of insane food cravings!

Kezzie said...

SERIOUSLY! Please stop with the envy-inducing food! Only kidding, bring it on, I'll just salivate in sad silence!!!! Battered halloumi!?!??!?! xxx