Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A (late) Mothers' Day Treat with Roberts Bakery

In which I learn that I am rubbish at making soft boiled eggs.

Mother's Day was two days ago now but there are many other days in the year when you can treat your Mum to a special breakfast! Perhaps you live away from your parents or you or your Mum had to work on Sunday. Whatever your circumstances, who says you have to wait until Mothers' Day?

 To help treat Mums on any day of the year, Roberts Bakery have put together a Breakfast in Bed guide featuring their Soft and Fluffy White Bread. They kindly sent me out a little breakfast kit so I could have a go too.

I couldn't resist using the lighter days to take photos outside. Roberts Soft and Fluffy is perfect for toast so I popped it under the grill and set about making a soft boiled egg for dipping.

Roberts suggest boiling for 5 minutes for a soft boiled egg- I left it in too long and ended up with more of a hard boiled egg. Still delicious. In fact I have seen my Mum crush a hard boiled egg onto toast before to make a tasty snack. Or why not show off and make a poached egg (I can do THAT)

If like me you fail at soft boiled eggs, try serving your lovely toast with some jam, marmalade or marmite. Of course, your Mum's favourite hot drink should be on the tray too, and perhaps some flowers.

I think soft white bread is such a treat, especially toasted with an egg or topped with jam, so Roberts Soft and Fluffy is ideal  for treating your Mum, your nan, your aunt, your sister, your friend or yourself!

Have a look at Roberts Breakfast in Bed guide below and see what tips you pick up. Definitely a good idea to use a tray!

You can find more information about Roberts Bakery on their website here. 

*Thanks to Roberts Bakery and Democracy PR for sending me the bread and the breakfast kit in return for featuring it on my blog. This is the second time I've featured this bread so it must be tasty!*

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