Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines Sandwich with Roberts Bakery

Today's song: Interpol- Slow Hands

Things I dislike:
*Boring sandwiches
*Valentines things that don't involve food or drink.

Things I like:
*Interesting sandwiches
*Making the most of Valentines food.

SO when I was offered the chance to try out a Valentines Sandwich from Roberts Bakery of course I said yes!

I was kindly sent some of Roberts Soft and Fluffy white bread as well as a recipe to make a Valentines inspired sandwich.

When Roberts asked nutritionist Dr Carina Norris to come up with a special Valentines sandwich, she was inspired by the classic-but-unusual combo of strawberries and black pepper.

" I thought this would transfer well to a sandwich, but needed something creamy to set off the sweet and sharp flavours - cottage cheese worked perfectly for this," she said.  

I've tried strawberries and pepper before, as my Dad puts pepper on his strawberries. I thought this was completely bizarre as a child but it really works! Think salted caramel.

Strawberries and Cream Valentines Sandwich


Soft white bread (e.g. Roberts Soft &Fluffy White)
Rocket leaves
Cottage cheese
All of the strawberries. You need extra to put in your fizz.

Pop the rocket on the bottom slice of bread.

Add layers of cottage cheese and sliced strawberries. Top with lots of yummy black pepper.

I cut mine into a heart shape using the cutter I was sent with the bread. Can't wait to use the cutter for eggs/cheesecake/everything!

Edd tucks into a delicious sandwich made by an excellent girlfriend.

So what did the significant other think?

"I love strawberries and black pepper anyway so this combination in a sandwich was pretty awesome. Add in cheese and I'm a happy man." (I paraphrase).

I found the heart shaped sandwich pretty adorable and of course I made one for myself.

OH WHAT IS THAT YOU SAY? Left over strawberries?

This is when you chop them up and put them in some fizz!

What have you been up to on Valentines Day? Edd and I went on a photo walk with Yelp and Birmingham's Photo School- it was great to stop and notice things about the city I live in!

*I received the bread for free plus a cute little heart cutter in return for featuring the recipe on my blog. *

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Kezzie said...

It sounds bizarre but I'd give it a go!!! I do think the heat shape idea is cool!! My year 3 colleague bought me a valentines cupcake yesterday, I was so touched! Yay half term!!!!