Tuesday, 17 February 2015

UK Burger Battle Round 2

UPDATE: Tickets now available for round 3- go go go! http://www.designmynight.com/birmingham/whats-on/food-and-drink/uk-burger-battle-burgergeddon

You may remember my post about the first Burger Battle back in December. When tickets were released for Round 2 I snapped them up straight away.

The premise of Burger Battle (two streetfood teams each with a special burger for you to try, you vote for your favourite) and the venue (Spotlight in Digbeth) had stayed the same for Round 2 but I'd heard rumours of a few changes.

I was excited for this event as I was still recovering from an ear infection at the last one!

Edd and I headed down at about half four. Our tummies were rumbling as we hadn't eaten much in preparation for the event!

We immediately wondered round to see what was going on and to find the stall with the special offer drinks! Last time there was a drink included in the ticket price but that was due to sponsorship. You could get Pistonhead larger or Ginger Grouse alcoholic ginger beer two for £5 which is an absolute bargain!

Ginger beer in hand we got in the queue for team one- The Flying Cows!

Team one- Flying Cows' The Cheeky Cow Burger

50oz Dexter Beef Patty, roast pulled pork, Montery Jack cheese, pickled red onions, Pepsi BBQ sauce, Coleslaw, Brioche bun

The Flying Cows team won last time. I liked the beef and bacon on their previous burger but had found the bun way too heavy.

We settled ourselves into the second (quieter) room where there were lots of seats and good lighting so you could really focus on the taste!

So how was the burger? I loved the soft steamed bun and the fantastic quality of the bun. The pulled pork added extra meatiness and there was a good crunch from the combination of coleslaw, onions and pickle. The only negative was that I didn't really taste the BBQ sauce or cheese.

The tasty pulled pork, great quality patty and delicious bun made this burger a dream!

Team two- Gone Burger's The Kickflip.

Organic beef burger, Montery Jack cheese, Whiskey smoked BBQ sauce, Garlic mayo, lettuce, onion, gherkin, sesame bun

So Gone Burger hail from London and have more experience of  high volume events. I was looking forward to trying the half sesame half brioche bun. Their queue went down much much quicker!

Back to our seats, we tucked into burger number 2. I had loved the first one so much that I had to try very hard not to be biased.

This burger was the opposite of the first as I loved the sauces and they had strong flavours but I wasn't so keen on the burger. It was more of a traditional beef burger- apart from the fact it was cooked pink which shows the quality of the meat. The bun did a great job of holding the burger together and there was a good crunch from the pickle.

The star of this burger was the sauces- whiskey smoked BBQ sauce and garlic mayo. I love BBQ sauce on a burger anyway, but this was something else. Strong, smokey and a little sweet, it complimented the creamy garlic mayo perfectly.

What more could you want from a Sunday afternoon? I have to talk about the Ginger Grouse. It's extremely nice and the ginger taste isn't too strong, just a nice tangy hint. Burger Battle is the only place I've seen it- must hunt down some more!

Time to fill in our voting slips! Who did I vote for? Well I'll let you know who the winners were in the judges and public votes..

BOTH prizes were won by London team Gone Burger. Well done team, the sauces really were incredible.

I enjoyed both burgers better than last time (probably due to being well and having not eaten much) and I loved how different they were to each other. I'd happily eat either of them again, just looking at the pictures is making me hungry!

As usual, there was music, a burger eating competition and a magician. Edd and I have decided to go a bit later next time to see the burger eating competition. The longer queues wouldn't concern me as they are so well organised.

Fancy spending a Sunday afternoon eating brilliant quality burgers? The next event is Sunday 26th April. Keep an eye on @UKBurgerBattle on Twitter or their Facebook page for details coming soon.

Rumoured to be back soon is Rib Nights- a more formal, rib-based version of Burger Battle. You can read my review here and follow them on Twitter @RibNights

Food not your thing? How about cocktails? CocktailXChange is starting early this year with a pop up event where top bartenders will showcase special cocktail menus. More details to come soon- follow @CocktailXchange on Twitter!

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