Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New Years Eve

It seems like a million years ago now doesn't it?

I always have a panic about New Year and end up going along with what everyone else wants. This year I decided to get some folks round to ours and have a chilled out evening with drinks, nibbles and music!

Edd and I got started on the fizz fairly early and took some photos! I got him a pocket watch for Christmas and he bloody loves the thing. "I wonder what time it is..?" "I CAN TELL YOU! LOOK AT MY POCKET WATCH!" Note the slightly sarcastic expression on my face.

Why do I look so irritated? Dress: Sugarhill Boutique, Shoes: Topshop
Later our friends turned up and we had a great time! Music, Uno, Marks and Spencers party food, fizz and Jules Holland, what more could you want? We stood on the balcony and tried to see the fireworks but another building was blocking them, boo!
 That's some classy stuff right there.

We picked up three packs of party food from M&S and got a free bottle of Cava! Bargain! M&S party food is the best- mini battered scallops, pulled pork on mini cornbread and mini hot dogs. They all went down really well.
What did you get up to for New Year? 


Kezzie said...

Mmmmmm!!!! I want those crisps!!!
You look very nice as does your man!!! Hmm, I must get a new battery for my pocket watch!!!
My new year eve was spent watching Doctor Who dvds with my father in law whilst my husband and siblings went out to watch Tar Barrel burning in Allendale x

Elena Bright said...

Interesting post!
We can follow each other if you will.
Just let me know)))
I always follow back!