Friday, 2 January 2015

Boots No7 Advent Calendar- the best bits

Last year I had the Boots Advent Calendar and there was no going back to chocolate after that! There were several offerings this year from big brands such as The Body Shop and Benefit but I was waiting anxiously for Boots to announce one as I'd been saving my advantage card points all year!

I put my email address on the waiting list and bought it on the day it was released. The calendar was about £35 which is far cheaper than others available and very good value considering No7 isn't super cheap. It's not as pricey as Benefit but I'd say it's in line with The Body Shop.

I tried to hold back from peeking at the list of items on the back but it was difficult as I had it for a whole month.

I had intended to blog this every week listing all the products in the calendar but then I remembered that I am NOT a beauty blogger and that I couldn't possibly think of something to say for 25 different beauty products. So this is a round up of my favourite bits and bobs.

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I'm not going to go on about the packaging because I honestly didn't care- it sat in a corner behind a door all month, it was the content I was interested in!
Favourite skin care items
Protect and Perfect Intense Day and Night creams
These are a little rich for regular use for me. However, at this time of year with frost nipping at your nose outside and central heating drying you out inside, it's nice to give the skin some TLC! The day cream settles into my skin surprisingly well and is a perfectly good make up base. The night cream is much heavier and I am using it sparingly.
Youthful Eye Serum
I've got really good at using eye cream every night! I like this one because it's quite light and feels cooling. I'm not exactly short of eye creams (Edd's Mum passes all her samples onto me!) but I would consider buying this one.
Favourite make up items
Lash Impact mascara

I like this mascara a lot! It actually grabs onto my lashes and makes them seem longer and curlier.
High Shine Lip Crayon
Like those Clinique ones but cheaper. This is a lovely wearable (for me) pink. There was another shade, a much lighter pink which was nice but very close to my natural lip colour so I've basically used it as a lip balm.

Skin Illuminator
This was day one in the calendar! This is a shimmery cream which I have been mixing with foundation  for a glowy look on a night out.
So yeah, I'm not a beauty blogger. But I know what I like and I sure liked this calendar! Hopefully it will be back next year- I've already started saving the points.
Happy New Year by the way! Hope you all did something fun or just stayed in or did whatever you felt like doing.



Kezzie said...

It sounds good. X

Elise said...

Ooh I love those lip crayon things, I've got a couple of the Rimmel ones and they stay on for ages, but I think I'll try these next :)

Mihaela said...

great,great post :) you have such a nice blog!