Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Birmingham Oktoberfest

I recently joined Yelp the review site and was really pleased to be invited along to an event by Vicky, the Birmingham Community Manager. It was at the Birmingham Oktoberfest- our own version of the massive Munich beer festival!

A giant muddy tent in a car park on a windy Sunday afternoon doesn't sound that promising, and it did look a little bleak when we went in. We were sat on a long bench right at the front by the stage. The tables and benches were a little grubby, I assume from the previous day. This soon stopped being important once I started drinking!
The beer was pretty expensive to say the least. My 1.5 pint was £8.50. It did last a long time and saved 50p on buying half pints...! Only one type of beer was available, it was cold and tasty. I also had a cider which was ok.

The food wasn't great, I had schnitzel and fries. The fries were good but the schnitzel was very dry and tasteless. It filled a gap but was disappointing for £10.

Our server was Derek who seemed to be having a great time and whizzed back and forth from the bar with drinks for us all afternoon.
Onto the best bit...the entertainment! The band weren't an oompah band but sang some German songs and encouraged crowd participation, everyone shouting German phrases after every song! Later, they performed what I'd call party classics- I Will Survive and so on. It ended up with everyone dancing at the front by the stage, exactly the best way to spend your Sunday evening.
Once the band got into the swing of things, I didn't mind the price of the beer so much. As long as you accept that the price of the beer and food is subsidising the super entertainment you will have a great time. I had such a fun time and do hope it returns next year- though I won't be touching the schnitzel...!




Kezzie said...

Hey!!! It does sound fun despite expensive refreshments! I went to a German beer bar in Old Street, London once which was great fun but I wished I'd been dressed up in a dirndl!

char said...

Oh, this looks like a fun experience, but a shame about the food.