Friday, 24 October 2014

An outfit to wear to: non-school uniform day!

It's half term! I'm so relieved. The first few weeks are always exhausting and I managed to pick up a cold a few days ago. Looking forward to a rest this weekend.

Today, the last day of term, was non-school uniform day. I love seeing what the kids turn up wearing. Some of the girls had awesome dresses on!

Naturally the teachers join in too and that's just as interesting. People laugh at me for 'never wearing jeans'...I'm just not very good at doing casual! My version of non-school uniform is a dress with elephants on. It's got a cut out back so I wore a cardigan over it which I regretted all day...warm!

Obligatory teacher scarf: H&M, Cardigan: M&S, Dress: Sugarhill Boutique, Shoes: M&S


Kezzie said...

Nice! I never wear jeans either on InSET days!! We had Dayglow day today but I don't do neon so I wore a bright red flowery dress, red wig, electric blue tights, red socks and electric blue shoes! Hideous combination and I just HAD to see my old Uni friend on the train who is Mr Stylish and uber critical! He looked me up and down totally bemused! I explained of course!x

Imogen said...

I am the same about casual outfits. I love this look of yours. The print is so adorable and amazing.

Corinne said...

I never wear jeans either - I hate them!

I remember always wearing my fav outfits for non uniform day!

Corinne x

Lisa said...

I like your dress I noticed that in the ASOS sale and was going to purchase it x

Tesa said...

Adorable look dear :)

char said...

Love the elephant print (of course!)