Sunday, 2 February 2014

January in Food

Today's song: Vance Joy- Riptide

UPDATE!! Flavourly boxes can be bought here and they are 15 pound per month.

It has been a while! Working full time has rather taken its toll on me. I make an effort to spend time with friends and family and to do nice things but things like blogging have taken a back seat. As I get into a routine I am hoping to blog more.

So, here is the round up of my January in food! January is a funny month- half craving salad and healthy food after the Christmas indulgence and half wanting fat and sugar to get me through the dark days. I have been trying to stick to the former.


One of my favorite treats at the moment is my monthly flavourly box. It is like a beauty box but with food! January's was my favorite so far.

Look at all the tasty treats! I'm eating the popcorn right now and it is tangy and delicious. The fruit bars are perfect for a snack at school and I am looking forward to trying the other bits.

Here are some items from previous boxes.

Muffin mix! I don't usually go for baking mixes but as I had it it was fun to sling it in the oven. They were jolly nice too.

 Chipped nail polish and a lunch snack . They were nicer than expected
OOH this was so NICE! A thai red curry. 

And finally,look at this cute cup my friend served me tea in!


Sophie in the Sticks said...

The flavourly box sounds yum, will have to get one! x

Kezzie said...

Now that's my kind of monthly box- where do I order those from then?!! Looks tasty!x