Monday, 24 February 2014

February in food

Today's song-London Grammar- Wasting my Young Years

No, February is not quite over but I am making the most of the time I have available! I was back at school today after half term but haven't got any marking (hooray). Also- if you don't like meat, look away now!

Here is one of my favorite new places in Birmingham-Loki. It is a wine shop with a difference! Not only can you try lots of different wines using a super special machine, you can also take your glass and sit in the seating area upstairs with a meat or cheese board. You simply put money on a card like a gift voucher, slot the card into the machine and select the wine you want in a choice of sizes. Taster glasses start from about 80p so it's an accessible and inexpensive way to spend an afternoon.

Edd and I like having lunch at Bacchus, which is near the new New Street Entrance. It is really just a pub but it happens to be located in an old wine cellar! Hence the name, Bacchus, who was the Roman (?) God of wine I believe! Or maybe Greek? Anyway it is a lovely quirky place and the food is a slight cut above your usual pub grub.

Another new favourite haunt is Cherry Red's on John Bright Street. There are lots of places opening there at the moment- BrewDog is already open and there will be a Caribbean restaurant too. Cherry Red's started in King's Heath and now they are in Birmingham too! It is a charming, quirky place filled with antique furniture. They are a cafe-bar selling food and coffee by day and cranking up the music at night! I have yet to visit at night but I hear it's great. The breakfasts are gorgeous.

Edd and I don't take Valentine's Day too seriously but we do like to make the most of food offers! This year we had the Waitress dine in for £20 and it was amazing. We had cheese soufle to start, then stuffed duck breast with new potatoes and veg, then a cherry and white chocolate mousse to finish. Plus chocolates and a bottle of cava! What a fantastic deal.

Finally, here are some cupcakes I made yesterday- toffee popcorn flavor! I won't give you the recipe as it is from the charity MacMillan's recipe book. You can buy it here for £4 and I can tell you that all the recipes are sensational! Plus you will be donating to a good cause, so what's not to like! So I leave you feeling hungry as I am off to cook a quick curry for tea- yum!


daisychain said...

those cakes look so good!

Kezzie said...

My husband REALLY didn't get the best from the Waitrose deal. The starters had all run out so we were given an extra side (layered cabbage). He also got some nasty rose that was off but couldn't find the receipt to take it back! That food looks fab! How's the old teaching going!!x

Natasha said...

This all looks so good - and the place sounds brilliant, I love that the names are all based around Gods or similar characters. Looks like you had a lovely time.