Saturday, 7 September 2013

August in food

Hi all!

I started my new job this week- eek! My first ever week of teaching. It has gone quite well and everyone has been very kind. The children are lovely and I am very proud to have my own classroom. Yesterday we had a Victorian school day and I dressed as a teacher in a long skirt and high necked blouse. Quite liking the look actually!

Unfortunately I have come down with a cold- TYPICAL! So I thought I would spend some time chilling in bed and sharing with you some of the yummy things I ate in August.

A cake I made for my Grandad's birthday. It was a Victoria Sponge (standard Mary Berry recipe) with raspberry jam and buttercream.

 photo WP_20130806_001_zps452fd30b.jpg

A couple of things from my trip to Munich. In Burger King they give you something called Frites sauce which is kind of like mayo but slightly different. Can anyone help me out here?! I realise I shouldn't have been in Burger King but it was the first day and we were rather hungry and panicy!

 photo WP_20130808_002_zps68647e0d.jpg

Picked up this drink to have on the train from Salzburg to Munich. It was full of sugar but hey, I was on holiday!

 photo WP_20130812_001_zps1efa1398.jpg

Back from holiday and Edd and I spent lots of time at the Birmingham International Food Festival. Here I was enjoying Churros with chocolate and a glass of Pimms.

 photo WP_20130816_001_zpsc4be1ca1.jpg

The week after holiday we had a lovely meal at a new restaurant in town, Adam's. It has two taster menus- 5 or 9 courses. We went for the 5! Here's the menu. I was too busy scoffing to take pictures of the food! My favourite bit was the raspberry sorbet. Yum!

 photo baf447cd-6d81-46ec-819d-c045549ac984_zps14c9320d.jpg

Finally found a coke bottle with my name on!

 photo WP_20130822_001_zps52a2f7da.jpg

Creme Brulee Magnums are the greatest things ever. Also they are mini so not tooooo bad for you ;)

 photo WP_20130824_003_zps5951b6dd.jpg

 photo WP_20130824_005_zps93941370.jpg

This Chicken Tonight 'New York style' shake bag was OKAY. It was mainly exciting because it reminded me how much I love corn on the cob! And also chicken drumsticks. I think the same thing could be achieved with paprika and a bit of olive oil. Still, we had it with sweet potato chips which I love.

 photo WP_20130825_001_zps0431e8f2.jpg

 photo WP_20130825_002_zpsee58305a.jpg

I love to make burgers! I buy extra lean steak mince, mix with breadcrumbs, red onion and a bit of olive oil, shape, chill, grill in the Forman - ta da! We did add some mozzarella here too.

 photo WP_20130826_001_zpsfffc2e9d.jpg

And finally here is a yummy caramel tart from the food festival. The other one is chocolate and caramel. Yum.

 photo WP_20130826_002_zpsa8fbacff.jpg

Photos all from my phone, hence the quality. I'm off out tonight which is foolish, but it's my friend's birthday and I hope to be back for midnight! Will be baking tomorrow for her birthday and also for Edd's which isn't far away.


Imogen said...

Good luck with your new job, I’m so pleased it is going well for you. This all looks completely delicious especially cakes and magnums.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh that cake looks so yummy I wish I was not on a diet x

Natasha said...

I love all the foodie photos! Now is the perfect time for baking and the cake looks delicious. I'm glad you're new job is going well too :) Hope it continues and you get better soon! - Tasha xxx

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Nice post !

Have a lovely day
xx Julien

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