Monday, 22 July 2013

Summer is here

Today's song: Tom Odel- Another Love

Thursday was the last official day of my PGCE- hurrah! I just had to pick up my folders and then we  all went on a picnic which was lovely. I have been 'recommended for QTS' which basically means I have passed and am allowed to be a teacher.

I am pleased to say I have a job for September. It's at the school I did work experience at before my PGCE- which is in fact my old primary school! I have a delightful year 3 class and I can't wait to start sorting my room out over the summer.

But, for now I have 6 weeks of freedom. It seems like a lot of time to fill but I am on holiday for a week and I have my classroom to sort out so I'm sure it will fly by. In between that, I do have a few things I would like to work on...

Improving my photography skills

Edd has passed his old SLR onto me so I have been revisiting my interest in photography. I haven't used an SLR since my second year of uni so it's been a learning curve! We went on a mini photography course which gave me a push to take some photos. The upcoming trip to Munich will be a great opportunity.

Making my balcony look pretty

I have been slowly building a little collection of plants on the balcony. I was so proud to plant my own hanging basket! A small achievement, but an achievement none the less. My Dad keeps finding pots in his garden and giving them to me so it's looking quite full now. I'm trying to grow tomatoes but I'm not sure how they will go- I may have left it too late in the year.

Soaking up the sun

I am in LOVE with the weather- especially now I'm not trying to teach in it. I really want to take advantage of it- I'm going to a garden party tomorrow and a BBQ on Sunday. Hopefully there will be a picnic next week if the weather holds. I went to the Mostly Jazz, Soul and Funk festival in Moseley a couple of weeks ago and it was so lovely to sit in the sun, drink and chat.


I used to play the piano but I haven't practised at all this year. I really want to improve so I will be making sure I am practising regularly!


daisychain said...

Congrats on completing your PGCE lovely! x

Kezzie said...

oooh, piano playing will make you popular in your school! Singing assembly, here you come!x

Well done on passing the 'year from hell' as I remember it as!x