Saturday, 2 March 2013

February Empties!

Hi all! It's a lovely sunny day today and I'm delighted to have reached the end of my second block! It didn't go as well as the first one but that seems to be pretty common across the course. It's now assignment writing and job hunting time.

I've been meaning to do a post like this for ages and I have finally got around to it. I'm no beauty blogger but I enjoy reading other people's empties posts. It's also been useful to remind myself what I liked/didn't like.

Rituals Wai Wang exfoliating body scrub

 photo 1082c1ac-408d-4a80-bad7-4fd1e0d3fba7_zpsbc02ee19.jpg

This was a sample in a magazine and it lasted me absolutely ages. I love it- the best exfoliator I have ever used. The scent is fresh and light, and the product itself exfoliates really well but washes off easily. I've got about three more body scrubs in my drawer waiting to be used but next time I need to purchase one it will be this. Just looked at the website here and the 70ml (the size I had) is only £5 which is an absolute bargain! Thumbs up.

Boots Very Cherry face mask

 photo f7605410-6a4e-4a0a-b8d6-c721ae1d4404_zps04283c42.jpg

This was in a gift set that I got in the Boots sale after Christmas. It smelled lovely and I do enjoy having a nice face mask on in the bath, but I'm not sure how effective it really is or whether it did anything to my skin. I don't think I would repurchase, I will stick to the montagne jeunesse rose face mask.
Thumbs down.

Garnier Fresh Essentials face wipes

 photo 4cb10cb9-8fd4-4a87-a67c-74566f2a6c22_zps58a2d8d3.jpg

What can I say about face wipes really? They did the trick and were on special offer. I hear that face wipes are bad for your skin so I have been trying to wash my make up away rather than wipe. But these were a perfectly good buy and I would purchase again for after nights out or holidays or whatever.
Thumbs up.

Jane Ireldale Glow Time BB Cream

 photo 886b547a-58e3-404f-99f2-574ef12cc7ab_zpsb9534021.jpg

This came in a Joliebox a couple of months ago. I really wanted to like it because I've liked everything else from this brand. But it was far too oily and left an odd sheen on my face. Plus, being a sample, it was the wrong shade anyway. I will stick to the Maybelline BB cream!
Thumbs down.

Revlon ColourStay liquid liner (brown)

 photo 641e8b0c-a0d7-4dca-a10c-22e915c6b18c_zpsbc634ef9.jpg

This isn't quite empty, but it was on its last legs. The brush has got old and I couldn't get it to draw a fine enough line and it was becoming too frustrating. However when I first purchased it around 6 months ago I loved it! I don't think I would repurchase because I have gotten used to using a brush rather than a foamy tip like this one has. But it did me well for a while, so..
Thumbs up.

Benefit Porefessional

 photo 93462f1d-d326-410b-ac1c-de551a2e7763_zps641b6998.jpg

Now this one is tricky to write about. Everyone seems to LOVE IT. I didn't really see that it changed anything and it's something ridiculous like £22. I got this in Glamour magazine and was very excited, and then very disappointed. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong.
Thumbs down.

Nivea Pure&Natural Night Cream

 photo 003b0d1c-02f3-4e2b-82b1-6be4064c8e85_zpsa859e696.jpg

I sent off for some samples of these when I was entering a competition (didn't win). I thought this cream was quite good actually, I expected it to be too greasy for me but it was not. Moisturising but also kept my skin matte. Very nice for the winter. Apparently it contains argan oil. I may well buy a pot next time I need night cream.
Thumbs up.

Well that was interesting! Happy March everyone.


Panty Buns said...

It's always nice to read reviews of products like this before buying any, so thank you! I do read about ingredients and whether products are vegan or cruelty free, and I see plenty of tutorials, but they're seldom so unbiased and straight forward as your beauty product reviews. I enjoyed reading how you came to try them out as well. Excellent reviews! I haven't done a post myself since February. Maybe in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, have a happy March yourself as well!

Unknown said...

I know you say you don't do a lot of beauty reviews but these were really great and clear :) Thanks for the post :D

Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

Kezzie said...

Glad to hear you survived!!! If you need any help/advice with job stuff, I'm here (I may be totally rubbish but I'm happy to be asked!!)x

Marzipan said...

Great reviews! Thanks!

Rosa said...

I agree about the POREfessional. I don't notice any visible difference but I like to think it makes my makeup last a bit longer!