Saturday, 26 January 2013


Due to the snow I have spent the week in boots. Very nice, Marks and Spencers western-ish ankle boots. Which I have since discovered have NO GRIP and I have fallen over twice and grazed my knee like a child. I've refused to get my clio out and drive so I have been using the train instead, which is rather civilised aside from the walk from the station to my placement school.

I'm on the first week of a five week block a
nd I'm looking forward to getting settled in. This school is rather more laid back than my previous placement- I've been getting in earlier than my mentor which makes me look pleasingly keen! I'm finding year two harder to teach than year five. I keep forgetting that half of them can't do things like read or sharpen a pencil. They are lovely though and the things they say make me laugh. I overheard a conversation yesterday about how God and Santa are the same person. To a 6 year old I suppose this would make sense!

Anyway I was talking about shoes. The thawing of the snow means I can potentially wear shoes that aren't boots. Hurrah! Perhaps in the future I should invest in a variety of boots so I don't get bored.

But pumps are much more fun to buy. Here's some I have my eye on.
Marks and Spencers £25

Topshop £28
ASOS £28

And just to be extravagent...

French Sole £95


Sophie said...

Oooo I love those asos pumps!

daisychain said...

I love those M&S shoes, they have some real gems! xx

Kezzie said...

Fun shoes! I love French Sole- I always regret not buying a pair when I was 18 when they cost £35- I was going to get some when I did my A levels but never made it to Chelsea when A Level music coursework was due!x

Kezzie said...

And year 2- yes, ahrgh!!!!

R's Rue said...

They are all so cute!