Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bournemouth Day One

Today's song: Dusty Springfield- Son of a Preacher Man


Coat: H&M, Dress: ASOS, Tights: M&S, Brogues: New Look, Bag: Accessorize, Necklace (barely noticeable): A birthday gift from lovely Sophie

Finally I have the photos from my trip to Bournemouth last month to show you! Edd and I stayed for three nights after my birthday in the charming seaside town. Our hotel was called The Chocolate Boutique Hotel- all the rooms were named after a type of chocolate, there was a bar selling chocolate cocktails and free chocolate in your room every day! Delightful.


Brolly: Accessorize

When we arrived, we wandered down into the town centre to get our bearings, grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds (boring I know) and walked through the Pleasure Gardens, which were charming even in the rain. I had forgotten my jacket and bought a lovely new mac from H&;M. I'm completely in love with it now, it seems to 'lift' every outfit somehow.


Apparently you can go for a ride in this balloon!

We were about to turn back to the hotel when we realised we were about two minutes away from the sea and hadn't seen it! Now, I live in the Midlands and so the seaside is quite a trek- not an hour's drive if you fancy a day at the beach, more like three. So I get childishly excited to stand on the pier, smell the salt in the air and feel the breeze on my face. It was raining, but that made it more romantic somehow, I felt like I was in a book. It was deserted, grey and dismal but we both just felt so happy- we'd made it to the sea!



Later on, we ate at Cafe Rouge. Again, not too exciting, but I had an email from them offering a free bottle of champagne if I ate there within a month of my birthday- not an offer to be sneezed at! It's always worth signing up to email newsletters for things like that. We had an absolutely lovely evening (I daresay the champagne helped) and stopped off at an off-licence on the way back to buy Brothers cider as a night cap- keeping it classy as always. The off-licence even opened the bottles for us, ahahaha. It seemed like the funniest thing ever at the time.


daisychain said...

I know that park! My best friend went to uni in Bournemouth and lived right near the park and beach...I miss it there!

Kezzie said...

It's so pretty! Those beach huts look like a paint-sample card they are so well matched! You look lovely- you have an amazing smile!!!x

Sophie in the Sticks said...

I do love your new Mac, its a great fit on you. Being by the seaside is pretty special isn't it, there is a definate buzz about it x

Render Sublime said...

Love these photos, I can actually tell you have a wonderful personality just looking at them... thats a great trench coat!!!! xxxx

Jadore-Fashion said...

Beautiful pictures! love your Asos dress and how you wore it...lovely!


Lisamello said...

Looks like a lovely place to spend your birthday.

I love your mac, and a chocolate hotel sounds like my kind of hotel!

Lisamello xx

Sonali Khosla said...

What a beautiful place!! I love the coat and how you styled this outfit!

Northern Style Exposure said...

great trench

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Those beach huts are so charming - and you look lovely!

Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Oooo I've heard about that hotel! Would you recommend it? I heard that they do chocolate workshops too and chocolate cocktails or something? Looks like you had a lovely trip away together x x

Mikelle Jade said...

cute outfit. and WONDERFUL scenery. Looks like a beautiful overcast day. I love the pop of color on your skirt coming from you coat! Perfect!

Luxx Mint said...

It sounds a fantastic little stay! Love your mac and the little hint on red lace peeking out!

The doll on fashion