Thursday, 31 May 2012

May Challenge Days 29/30/31: Face of the day, pretty hair and the thing that I'm obsessed with at the moment

Today's song: Dusty Springfield- Losing You

You can find the rest of the May Challenge here

Face of the day

This was a bit weird for me. Though I am interested in make up, I'm not a beauty blogger and it's odd putting my face on the blog!

So here's my face. I look a little shiny in the second photo. The foundation I used is supposed to be quite dewy  but I don't think it's for me, I prefer a matte foundation. I don't want to waste it so I'll probably mix it with one I have that's too dark, for nights out.



What I'm wearing on my face...

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, Avon pressed powder, Collection 2000 concealer, Benefit Posy Tint (free in Glamour)


No7 Extreme Lengths mascara, free gift from 17 (top two are the eyeshadows I used) No7 liquid eyeliner, E.L.F pencil eyeliner



Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop

Pretty Hair

I'm not very good at doing my hair! I've only just learnt how to curl it in a way that I like! I tend to curl it for nights out, such as on my birthday.


Next task is learning how to put it 'up'. I love topknots but they just don't suit me. I have quite a square face and any harsh hair dos don't do anything for me. So I've been looking for looser, pretty (and easy to achieve) up dos. Half of the battle is getting it to STAY up. I think I've achieved one and will try it out next time I go for a meal or something.


It's loosely based on Clemence Poesy in Birdsong. When I saw Birdsong I thought "Yes! This is the hairstyle I've been looking for". Hopefully it will make an appearance on the blog soon!

The thing I'm obsessed with at the moment

And this is the last day of the May Challenge! I've really enjoyed blogging more frequently and I intend to continue.

The 'thing'? I'm not sure I can pick one thing, I always have little obsessions on the go. So here's the things I'm loving at the moment...

Downton Abbey

I'm extremely late to the party on this one. I'd been meaning to watch it for the whole time it's been on and just didn't get round to it. Edd got me seasons one and two for my birthday and I've been forcing myself to only watch them one at a time as it's so easy to race through a series on DVD! I've nearly finished season two so I need to get hold of the Christmas special which everyone says is amazing. Apparently most of the cast have signed up to do another 3 series so I have that to look forward to!


A dress for the Bank Holiday

I keep booking bank holidays off and missing the time and a half, but I've got to the point where I just don't care- less than 11 weeks til I leave! I'm going to Snobs on Monday night for their 40th birthday! I've ordered this dress off they didn't have my size so I went a size up as it looks quite tight.


Union Jack cushions

Edd and I are getting our own flat in September and I am just sooooo excited! We're determined to have Union Jack cushions- original, no, awesome, yes! Well it is the Jubilee year after all.

Cushions from BHS


Sophie in the Sticks said...

You look so pretty with your fotd and pretty hair shots. Super-lovely indeed!
I wish my hair was really long so I could style it up but to be honest hair styling has never ever been my forte!
Hurrah for leaving your job and getting a flat :D

Lisamello said...

I really need to catch up on my challenge! Ooops!

I like the posey tint, I really want to get it, and am kinda dreading doing my own FOTD hmmm, need to build my confidence up a bit lol.

Also your hair looks really pretty and I like your birthday outfit. I really need to do more stuff with my hair.

Also, also! I watched the first Birdsong and missed the second, what happened? and I love Downton Abbey too!

Lisamello xx

daisychain said...

I love the lip colour on you! xo

misslikey said...

love what are you wearing

Kezzie said...

Brilliant! I love Downton too, also because of having gone to school with one of the cast members! I feel a little proud of her each time I see it!