Monday, 7 May 2012

May Challenge Day 7: A special occasion outfit

Today's song: Lily Allen- Smile

You can see the rest of the list here

This challenge appears the day before my 25th birthday! So this dress is what I'll be wearing tomorrow. I'm seeing my Grandparents in the afternoon and then having a lovely Chinese meal with my parents, Edd and his parents in the evening. It's actually the first time they've met so I'm a wee bit nervous. Though I'm sure it will be fine. It just seems so grown up!


I've had this Topshop dress for years- probably six years actually! I started out using it as a going out dress but it's a little too restrictive for dancing and I use it as a 'going out for dinner' dress. We're eating quite early and it should be quite a casual affair so I will probably throw on a little black jacket or cardigan and flat shoes.


I hadn't noticed how lovely the print is until I started taking pictures of it. I love the way it looks like it's been painted on.


FashionCherry said...

that dress is soooo gorgeous...

I love topshop!

Sophie said...

This is such a pretty print! Have a fab dinner!

Julianne said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow! I love that print. No idea what I'll pick for mine as I've no special occasions upcoming!

sweetwahine said...

super cute dress!! I love it and I love the song of the day!!

daisychain said...

that's such a stunning print x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous blue roses, sweet prints on your dress<3
would you like to follow each other?

Knight'sEclectic said...

I love the print and colour on this dress, lovely x