Tuesday, 15 May 2012

May Challenge Day 15: Your nail polish collection

Today's song: Dusty Springfield- I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten  

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I totally forgot to do this post until just now. What a bad blogger I am. I had the photos ready and then was too busy faffing around planning my next trip to Edinburgh.

I keep my nail polishes in this boring little box

I have quite a lot really! You don't realise how many until you get them all out. Most were presents or in magazines or Joliebox or free gifts when you buy something else...etc etc.


These three are my favourite. The H&M was about three quid and I've worn it so much in the year I've had it. It's quite similar to a Nails Inc one that's free in Marie Clare at the moment so naturally I ran out to buy it- I picked up the Bluebell one too, I'm wearing it at the moment and I love it- it may be a contender for new favourite!
The No7 was in a gift set I had off a friend the Christmas before last. It's really good quality and easy to apply so I am surprised I've never purchased anymore No7 polishes for myself!
The Barry M was bought on a whim a couple of months ago. I was buying my lunch in Superdrug and thought I'd go crazy and treat myself to a £2.99 polish. I really like wearing this grey shade with pink dresses.


The colour I have the most of is red- I'm still searching for the perfect, flattering, easy to apply red and I am yet to find it. Though I have acquired a good number of purple polishes as purple is my favourite colour.




Louise said...

Great collection! I love all those bronze/gold shades- something I'm actually lacking.

My favourite red is a Barry M. It's a tomato red (262 bright red) and it's been my favourite for years. Can't fault it!

Sophie in the Sticks said...

oh you have a proper collection! I love the variety of colours and shades. I really should get back into painting my nails more often.

Kelly said...

Great collection, You have a good variety of colours.
I love the colour of the lilac h&m varnish.

Imogen said...

I can't believe how many nail polishes you have! That is quite incredible and an impressive collection.

sweetwahine said...

Fun colors!!! I have a lot of cheep polish! I really need a good way to store them. lol...

Have a beautiful day!

Lisa said...

wow what an amzing amount of nail varnishes xx

Lisamello said...

Wow that's a lot! I love all the colours, I'm very jealous!

I've got a box of my recent ones, but have lost all my other ones :(

Lisamello xx

Julianne said...

Red and purple are my favourite nail polish colours too :)

Le Stage said...

I love all the pastel colours =)