Sunday, 13 May 2012

May Challenge Day 13: Lazy Day with style outfit, plus a few from Bournemouth

Today's song: Dusty Springfield- The Look of Love

You can find the rest of the list here

Erm, to be honest I'm going to cheat a little with this one. It really doesn't apply to me at all because I don't really have days lounging around in PJs or similar so the clothes I'm wearing in front of my boyfriend are the same as if I was on my own. So I don't have anything to show that's relevant- I guess it had to happen at some point!

Instead I will show you some photos from this week's trip to Bournemouth! I got back to Birmingham yesterday and I want to go back already- coming back to reality is not fun.

There was lots of drinking...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Delightful afternoon tea...


The sea...!



And we stopped off at Stonehenge on the way back. It was curiously underwhelming, I wish you could still go right up to the stones though I can understand the reasons behind roping it off.




daisychain said...

Oh Bournemouth! I've had some epic nights out there!

Sophie said...

That Afternoon Tea looks delish! I need all those cakes!

sweetwahine said...

Those drinks look yummy! I think I need something cold right now. lol...