Thursday, 1 March 2012

February in Food

Today's song: Dusty Springfield- Spooky

I've had a rather busy (not fun busy) month and so this won't be the longest post of all time!

Marks and Spencer's Valentines meal

Edd and I don't really 'do' Valentines as we have our own days that we do special things on..anniversaries and other silly made up days, excuses for cocktails mainly! However it seemed rude not to take advantage of the M&S Valentines deal. Starter, main, side, dessert, bottle of fizz and some chocolates for £20! You can't usually get cava in their meal deal and the food on offer was a bit more special than usual too.

For a starter, we had prawns with garlic and thyme butter. We added in chilli flakes as I think garlic, chilli and prawns are very good friends and should always be together.

We had Duck A L'orange and chips for the main, which was nice but did not knock my socks off. The duck was very tender and the chips were lovely.
Lovely photos courtesy of Edd
We finished with Billionaire's Shortbread pots which were delicious and eaten far too fast for photos! I love anything Millionaire's Shortbread based, and these had salted caramel and beautiful chocolate ganache, nom nom nom.


I have been trying to bake once a week. One of my friends kindly gave me The Primrose Bakery cookbook for Christmas and I had another cupcake book from my Grandparents for Christmas so I have been working my way through those all year. I've now moved onto scones because they are so quick and easy and only use a few store cupboard ingredients. I'm thinking of doing cheese scones tomorrow!

Giving up crisps

I have given up crisps for lent! Crisps are my ultimate addiction, especially Walkers Salt and Vinegar and Pringles Texas BBQ. I eat far too many so I thought this would be a good way to avoid them for a while- wish me luck!

Eating out

I've had a couple of meals out- Nando's with a friend and Handmade Burger with my Mum. At Handmade Burger I had the Milano burger which comes with pesto, mozzarella and rocket- yum!
Tomorrow, Edd and I are off for a meal to celebrate him passing one of his exams and me getting onto my course. I'm extremely excited as it's a Birmingham restaurant I have wanted to visit for a while, which is currently number one on Trip Advisor. So I hope it lives up to expectations!


Lisa said...

I once gave up chocolate for lent...that was hard!! Good luck xx

Sophie in the Sticks said...

I hope your lent no-crisps challenge goes well.
Love the look of your valentines meal (except the prawns! yuk!)
have a great weekend x

daisychain said...

good luck with the no crisps!

Shes Dressing Up said...

I wouldn't be able to give up crisps for Lent, I'm addicted to Walkers French Fries!

Flashes of Style said...

Yumm look so good!



yiqin; said...

looks yum <3

thegirlhassparke said...

Oh gosh pringles are my favourite! Goodluck, I am sure that you can do it.

Imogen said...

I simply love prawns, in basically any form. I also love your dress and cardigan combo in the last post. The pink is very lovely.

Luxx Mint said...

I love foodie posts! Hope you enjoyed your special meal. Where did you go?

The doll on fashion

misslikey said...

looks yummy

yiqin; said...

the food looks so good