Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Appalling scenes of vandalism and looting in the UK..

I don't write a news or topical affairs blog but I really felt I wanted to say something about the scenes in London over the weekend, and now my own city, Birmingham.

What started in Tottenham as a peaceful protest about the shooting of a man by police last Thursday, has now escalated around the country. The kids smashing windows and looting Adidas in Birmingham on Monday night had nothing to do with the victim of the shooting. They were just opportunists who thought they could cause trouble and get something for nothing.

It makes me sick that people could behave in such a way.

Tonight, it seems quieter, there has been no reports of trouble (in Birmingham at least). I believe this is to do with the heavy police presence, the amount of arrests and, I hope, as a sign of respect to the three men who lost their lives last night.

I hope everyone who reads this is safe and well and hasn't been affected by the violence.


Sophie in the Sticks said...

I've been horrified watching the news the past few days, it brought me to tears.
Its hard to believe anyone could act that way and it makes me so angry that we have to share our country with people of this mindset.
I've not commented on it on my blog, I'm trying to keep a sense of normality.

Shes Dressing Up said...

I'm glad things seem to have calmed down now. I genuinely couldn't believe how many people thing it is OK to do those things. I'm almost embarrassed to be British right now.

Ashley said...

I feel so confused about the riots and anxious for everyone over there. I can't imagine living in the midst of it. Everyone here (in my home, and a lot of people throughout Canada) have people there in our hearts.

Good vibes and wishes to you and yours, Helen. xx

Shoe said...

I'm near Birmingham but on a Uni campus, so haven't been affected. I hope you're safe too. So much needless violence and hurt... seems more like random mass hysteria than people fighting for any cause they care about.

Fashion Me Chic said...

It always take an minor incident to ignite fire. That is so tragic. I have seen it in the US and in France but England, never heard of it.

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