Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Most of the compliments on my outfits come from 8 year olds


When I started work experience in schools, I got myself a pair of smart trousers in the Next sale and wore them with one of the blouses or jumpers I had hanging in my wardrobe. I soon got bored of this. Dressing up for work is a new experience for me as I have a uniform in my regular job, sigh. So I'm still finding it exciting to pick out something to wear every Tuesday morning!

The first class I worked in was year 5 which is 9 and 10 year olds. The girls were very very aware of fashion and appearance and a couple in particular were all like "I like your top Miss" "your make up looks nice Miss" "have you had your fringe cut Miss?" which I thought was very cute.

On the other hand, they were always pointing out if I was wearing the same thing as I wore the week before! ("Why do you always wear those trousers?" "Well, why do you always wear that cardigan? Oh-it's your uniform...")

I've now moved to a different school and I'm in year 3 which is 7 and 8 year olds. Already I've had a small child with a flower in her hair tell me smilingly that she 'loves my clothes'. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or worried that children born in this century are my biggest fashion fans! Perhaps it's just that as we get older we learn to keep our opinions to ourselves.

This week I wore something very much like this.
I was quite worried about being appropriate at first. At the first school there were a lot of scarves being worn, everyone was in trousers and there was much sniffy talk about a supply teacher who turned up wearing purple tights (gasp!). The staff at my new school are much younger, and lets just say I needn't have worried about my skirt being too short!

I'm sure when I'm actually teaching and I have to be up at 6 every day I will revert to swopping between two pairs of trousers and five tops, but for now I am enjoying the chance to wear something different.


Sophie in the Sticks said...

Kids these days!!! Virtually all the teachers at every school I attended were all old. How boring. That outfit looked really pretty, those 8 year olds have good taste!

Viv said...

wonderful choices, looks like a cute outfit!


Unknown said...

Hmm yes I can imagine how difficult it must be to be fashionable and appropriate - but you're obviously winning!


Elise said...

I love this outfit! Work experience sounds fun anyway :)

Colleen said...

Haha those kids probably have their own fashion blogs. No worries though, just plan your outfit the night before! It makes things a lot easier, especially when you have to get up so early. Who can be creative with their clothing at 6 am?

yiqin; said...

the cardigan is so pretty.

Luxx Mint said...

I'm completely useless with GHD's unless its to straighten, I wish I could curl with them too.

Thanks for your comment!

The doll on fashion

Kezzie said...

Ha ha, the perenial question about what to wear for school! (I thought I'd look through some of your old posts!). I dread going to another school apart from mine as pretty much anything goes except jeans! Some days I wear short dresses, other days,1950's inspired items, other days, big trousers!
My head-teacher dresses in all sorts of cutesy prom dresses and things and everyone always compliments other people on what they wear!! Some people dress up in joggers and t-shirts and others to the nines!! I'd dread that first school you talked about! I wear coloured tights all the time!
DO you start your PGCE in September?