Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Baking

More baking! You can tell it's the holidays because I have much more time on my hands to do things like this.

Yesterday I made Easter nest cakes, which are basically chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and mini eggs on top. I don't often make cupcakes anymore because there are so many other things I want to try out, but these were so popular with my friends and family last year that I thought I should do them again.

I use this basic cupcake recipe from Happy Food. This lady doesn't seem to blog anymore, but she has a cupcake shop in Cirencester. It's definitely the best cupcake recipe I've found. Then I add 100g melted dark chocolate to the mix before they go in the oven. The butter cream is 150g butter, 225g icing sugar and 2 tbsp cocoa powder. I didn't get the buttercream recipe from anywhere in particular, it's just the consistency I find works best for piping.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather (in the UK at least) and having a great bank holiday weekend. Happy Easter! x

Photos by Edd :D


Lisa said...

They look adorable and so yummy. xx said...

And a very happy Easter to you, too! They look absolutely delectable and can I just say that I LOVE the name of your blog?!

Ashley said...

Those look so delicious!

Patchwork-of-dreams said...

WOW They look so Yummy and Pretty :DD
Isn't it quite difficult to make Cupcakes ?


Anonymous said...

♥Nice post.) Love your blog.))♥

the ineffable soul said...

these look yummy, i wanted to make easter cakes today but never got round to it :( x

I V Y said...

aw yum! happy easter <3

zebra and meerkat shop

Sleekit said...

Those cakes you well nice, nom nom

Sleekit x

Hello Naka said...

nice photos they are great :3 and they look so yummy!

Hannah said...

I really wanted to bake some cupcakes but I never go around to it. Yours look lovely and delicious

Bow Dream Nation xx

Sher said...

I wish I could taste some of these cupcakes:)

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

They look so yummy :)

Luisa T. said...

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