Sunday, 19 October 2008

Trendy stuff: Hairbands

So, for me, hairbands aren't really a 'trend'. I have always worn hairbands. Since I had hair, I wore ones with flowers on, with my name piped on in glitter gel, with little dolls on. Then as I got older, I had hair clips plastered all over my head, bobbles with teddy bears on and thin hairbands to keep my fringe back when I was thinning it out. In more recent years I've bought them cheaply from Claire's accessories in all the colours of the rainbow, and now everywhere I look there are hairbands with huge bows on.
Here's some of my own. I had to be slightly emo and hold the camera up above my head hehe.

Oysho (in Spain)


BHS I think... I wore it when I was a bridesmaid

Claire's Accessories
So, who have we to blame for this bow hairband obsession? I'm going to say Gossip Girl and Luella!

The bow hairbands are cute, and I've bought a couple, but they are a trend and we'll all be bored of them soon won't we? But I won't be bored of hairbands! Never! So here's some non-bow hairbands which are still super cute. Claire's have a rubbish website, otherwise I would show some from there cos there's loads!!

This one is a nice alternative to a bow I think- a flower. Ahh. Perhaps slightly expensive at £8 but I guess it would be nice for a night out. It's from Accessorize, who always have nice hair stuff

These are from Heidi Seeker and take me right back to childhood, plus the price is pretty good!

I put in this one from the ever-wonderful Dolly Dagger as it is reduced at the moment! Wooh!

P.S. The black and white you can see in my photos is a hint of a new dress which will be revealed in all its glory in my next post! Yay!


Anonymous said...

I love your headbands. I wish I could wear them but they are almost always too big for my head or they hurt they my ears :(

saray said...

your headbands are great! it's such a lovely trend.. too bad it doesn't wotk with my curls.

Ashleigh Rose said...

Aw you suit headbands. I don't for some reason, which is a shame because I have the cutest braided elastic gold headband and argh I love it so much but it looks strange on me!

Ariella said...

Your hairbands are darling. I really like the orange one you have :)

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

So youthful & adorable indeed...
The strawberry one is cute!!!

Shes Dressing Up said...

I love headbands, I used to wear them almost every day when I had long hair, but not nanymore :(

Anonymous said...

I love headbands too, they're so much fun and so sweet.
The TopShop bow one especially caught my eye!