Monday, 13 October 2008

An outfit for: Being casual

At this time of year I never know what to wear. It is still slightly too warm for really thick tights and knitwear, and my lighter dresses are too cold without them. And I only have so many warmer dresses and skirts that warm me up without thick tights. So I tend to find myself falling back on the easy option of jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan.
This especially applies on days like this, when I was in the house in the day doing some work, and then had a shift at work this evening.
But who says jeans and a t shirt can't be stylish? I only have two pairs of jeans but several t-shirts. I don't know why but I seem to have a habit of buying funky t-shirts, when I much prefer dresses. At least on days like this I have a choice!
Today I went for my blue jeans, which started off as high waisted flares but have turned into boyfriend jeans due to me losing a little bit of weight. I prefer them like this- they're very comfy.I added my favourite stripy t-shirt and a red cardigan.

Hairband: Claire's, Cardigan: Zara, T-shirt: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop
I wore my military jacket when I went out to keep off the autumn chill.

Jacket: Topshop
Part of the fun of dressing down, for me, is wearing my funky socks!

Socks: Topshop
And these are my gorgeous Converse- the perfect mix of style and comfort. I know they are grubby, but I hate to see pristine Converse.

Now, please allow me to indulge my t-shirt addictions and show you some I've just found today. Give me a cute animal or funky print and I'm there!

Save our animals: Urban Outfitters, J'aime Paris: Lazy Oaf, Rainbow: Wrangler
Saying all this, I still prefer dresses!


WendyB said...

I'm not a sneaker person, but I like those!

Anonymous said...

I'm exactly the same! I love dresses and prefer to be in them but I can't go past a great t-shirt. I love the wrangler rainbow tee and the Paris tee also. And I think you look amazing in the military coat too :)

i.d. said...

Omg where'd you get those Converse sneakers? They're so cool!

saray said...

I really like your TOPSHOP jacket!

and wow the rainbow top is stuning. but dresses are the best =)

nv said...

i love your coat!