Monday, 22 September 2008

Winter wardrobe

I had promised myself I wouldn't post about winter stuff until after my holiday, but I've found a loophole. I need a list of what to buy when I come back don't I? Otherwise I might forget about something. And that would never do! Anyway, I have realised that I have very few winter clothes. God knows what I did last year.
Work shoes and trousers
A purple coat
I can't decide between these two

The first is from Oli and is £60 I think. It's nice but I don't know if it's a bit ordinary? It's a safe bet as I know it would suit me and I'd wear it to death. But I could get something similar for half the price.
The second is Topshop and is £75. I much prefer it, but I'm not sure I could pull off the crazy frill! I could do with trying them both on, but Oli is online and I can't find the coat in Topshop. Hmm. What does anyone else think?
Red Boots
And I know exactly what ones. I've wanted a pair of red boots for 2 years or so and these are just perfect. The leather is really soft. My Mum is really worried that they won't go with anything I go, bless her, but blagh- they are so pretty. They are Topshop anyway.

Go with everything boots
I can't wear red boots all winter long, and anyway I love high boots, they're so cosy! I saw these in the window of Office when I was waiting for my boyfriend the other day and fell in love. Excitingly, they appear to be reduced on the website, so fingers crossed they still will be when I have the money!

Knitted dresses

I keep seeing these mega huge wooly dresses. They look like big jumpers that have been stretched but I really want one or several! I love the Topshop ones but the prices are heading towards £50 which I would rather not spend. H&M have a lot for around £20 I think, and I passed a cheapo shop today with a nice one for a tenner! Yes it will only last me six months but at least it will be a warm six months! Here's an example from Topshop anyway.

Really thick tights

I keep buying cheap black tights and wondering why my knees are cold and they ladder after two wears. So this winter I thought I'd treat myself and buy 5 or 6 pairs of good quailty thick tights. The best are from:
Naturally there is plenty more that I want- but this is the basis. Sorry for a boring 'wish list' type post, indulge me this one time!


Anonymous said...

I love both the purple coats, it's such a hard decision! I think the first one is more classic and will always look awesome (and it's slightly Mod which makes it all the more lovelier!). The ruffled coat is really unqiue but you might get sick of the ruffle when the trend is gone?

The boots are awesome too!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Luv those boots!

Chantelle said...

love them red boots. rawr.

Miss V. said...

The second one! I love the ruffles. I just nipped a cheap deal for a black Topshop jacket off ebay, but I need another one! I love the green sweater, I'm still looking for a perfect oversized/slouchy one.

Shes Dressing Up said...

Topshop coat! Topshop coat! I love it muchos.

K said...

Yes we do have the same color scheme :) I'm just not blogger-savvy enough to think of something more creative. I like your blog, & you're so lucky to have Topshop! We have Forever 21, but it's just not the same at all.

Mikkle said...

love the coats, they are such a fun color! i'd say go with the first, but thats just me! i adore classic stuff

esme and the laneway said...

I love both coats, but do like the Topshop one a little more – perhaps because of the frill? I can only see a frill at the waist though (my screen is dark, I really should fix that) but it would be ideal if you could try them on. Can you return things – could you 'buy' both to try and send one back?
I also love red boots. And brown boots. And shopping lists! Fun!

WendyB said...

I love the second purple coat. Go for it!