Thursday, 18 September 2008

An outfit for: Sitting around the pool looking cool

I had my first Spanish lesson today, and it's less than 2 weeks til I fly away on holiday! So here is another holiday themed post. Something to wear when sitting around the pool, having the occasional dip and reading a great book.

I read somewhere that pear shapes like myself should stick to plain bikini bottoms and patterned tops. Whether this is true I don't know, but I like the look of mixing and matching bikinis. I've got two or three to take with me, and will probably wear a different combination everyday.
Everyone should cover up when the sun is at its hottest of course, but it's pale people like me that should DEFINITELY cover up for fear of burning. Bizarrely, a lot of the cover ups in the shops are sleeveless boob tube type things, which isn't useful for me, as I catch the sun on my shoulders more than anywhere else! So I have got myself a couple of big cotton scarves from H&M. They have them in lots of pretty colours and they open up really wide so I can wrap it round my shoulders, and still look stylish.
Last but not least, my trusty Ray-Bans. I realise Kate Moss and her ilk have done them to death but I still love mine. Very Rock N Roll!
My Spanish lesson was quite fun. Me llamo Helen! Si, soy hablo Espanol en poco! (Think that's right!)


Anonymous said...

Oh Spain! I wish I had the time to go on a holiday :C

I've never thought to use a big scarf as a shoulder-wrap (hehe) for the sun, that's where I get burned the most too. And I still wear my wayfarers - they're the most flattering sunglasses I own!

Cait said...

So nice..but the pool is closed here now. I didn't go at all this summer. Wished I had, but I had to work.

Anonymous said...

So cool. I'll try to remember this about the bikini stuff.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

sweetie, promise no more Barbie...hee! But visit the FINALE & got alittle something-something for u...let's start the Bonfire!yay!!!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I agree with that advice. Patterns add volume/attract attention, so if you wear them on top you'll draw attention there.
The red Raybans are very cool. I kinda want a fake aqua pair.
Hope your vacation comes soon! Where are you headed?

Anonymous said...

hello,i am a chinese girl ,i am happy to be here , you can send emil to me ,
hope your letter~ goodbye

Helen said...

Thanks for commenting everyone! I can't take credit for the scarf as sun protection thing, it was my nans idea!
Thanks for setting me straight about the bikini advice, Im pleased it will work! Im off to Fuengirola in Spain, yay!