Sunday, 7 September 2008

An outfit for: Pretending it's not raining...

This entry is inspired by a recent entry on The Sartorialist. If you don't know, he mainly does street portraits and this is a picture of a girl in a tiny white dress with a lovely tan- standing in the rain with her brolly up. Sums up this summer perfectly!
So, I am going to ignore the rain and the grey clouds jeering at me through the window, and here is the outfit I would be wearing if it was lovely and warm like it should be the first week in September.

The vest and skirt are Topshop. I'm really liking the whole plaid/check/gingham thing going on at the moment and I thought it would be comfy and cool with a pretty white vest. Flip flops are Dorothy Perkins but of course you could get them anywhere. The necklace is Urban Outfitters, which I love love love! Ideally I'd be at a picnic in a pretty park somewhere wearing this outfit, so I added in the picnic box, which is from a website called Joules who have some nice preppy-style clothes for nice middle class English gals and guys. There are some stylish dresses and cosy looking jumpers on there, but I couldn't find the picnic box on there, booo. It's wishfull thinking anyway, I won't be going to a picnic anytime soon!

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Anonymous said...

That checked skirt is so cute.