Wednesday, 10 September 2008

An outfit for: Cocktails on a sunny evening in Spain

In honour of the fact that it is 3 weeks today until my holiday, here's an outfit I plan to wear on an evening.
I find evenings on holiday the hardest to dress for, especially later in the year and by the sea as it can get a little chilly. So a cute outfit, but a cardigan to go with it!

The skirt is the exact one I have! Got it for £12 in the Topshop sale. The vest is not the same but very similar. I know a grey cardigan doesn't really match but I've tried it all together and it looks ok! And straw and cotton flip flops because they are the most comfortable.
Eeek I'm just so excited for my holiday now! Haven't got much left to do at all
  • Get waterproof mascara
  • Go to chiropodists
  • Get some flip flops
  • Wait eagerly for plane tickets to arrive
  • Pack
  • Go on holiday!


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit. I love the skirt... I wish I was having a holiday!

Helen said...

Thank you :) And I haven't been on holiday for 3 years to be fair, so I think I deserve it! Everyone should get a holiday every so often