Friday, 19 September 2008

London Fashion Week

I'm not really one for designer clothing, cotoure and all that. I don't mind looking at it, but I know I'm never going to own it so I don't lust after it (too much!) I make an exception when it comes to Luella because her stuff is just beautiful. This year, I half heartedly followed the shows on but there were only three that stood out for me.
Luella (of course)

I loved the mouth watering colours, the cute dresses, the pearl strap bags! Beautiful, and I can see myself in Topshop's versions of them already!

Topshop Unique
I haven't seen much written about this collection which surprised me as I thought it was great. could see a 'Bananarama' influence and so can I! I love 80s fashions so naturally I was going to love this. This dress is my favourite, I can imagine wearing it when I go to Florence next year (fingers crossed). The print is young and cool and the cut is summery. Love it.

Oh and here's Bananarama for you!!

Charles Anastase
Who? I hear you cry. Well that's what I was asking, but everyone seems to have fallen in love with this collection. It's gorgeous, pretty geek-chic. I'm definitely going to be getting some white linen trousers to knot above my ankle!


Anonymous said...

I'm the same when looking at fashion shows, I know I'm not going to own anything and I don't really care what the latest trends are going to be, but these photos are gorgeous! Thanks for posting them :D

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I remember Bananarama that Venus song right?! For that alone, I'll do another 'Barbie post'...heehee!
...hmmm, Venus???

Helen said...

Miss Karen- Thanks for the comment :) And no problem, I just picked my faves

Lenorenevermore- Yup, I'm your venus! Im your fire! Your desire! Hahaha

..... said...

it was a great season !!!

esme and the laneway said...

I love the Luella things too, and have for a little while... same here though, I doubt I'll ever own these designers' wares!

Mystery Woman said...

I have my winter clothes pretty much wrapped up but they are there nevertheless. I did a bit of shopping and got the whole winter bit out of the way...although where I am....winter hasn't quite gotten here yet.

Still I was admiring the boots. I do think I need a few pair to to be stylish in.