Sunday, 14 September 2008

Holiday make up

What I really want to write about is thick tights and purple coats, but I can't afford these things until I come back off holiday, so I won't write about them either.
So I thought I would concentrate on holiday shopping instead. I have a little pink make up bag full of holiday make up ready in my drawer, and I want to make sure I have everything.
I don't tend to wear much make up in the day on holiday as it just leaks off anyway. I tend to break out in the heat, so I will need concealer:

My favourite is Clinique's Airbrush Concealer, but as it's around £12 I will be using my Collection 2000 one instead! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for duty free bargains.
Another thing I always wear is mascara, as I feel naked without it. I swim a LOT on holiday, so waterproof it is. I'm a Rimmel mascara addict, so I've bought their 100% Waterproof mascara; it only cost me about £4!

Finally, some SPF lipbalm, and that will do me for daytime.
Even at night I don't think you can get away with too much make up when its hot, but I will wear more than in the day. My usual home make up is pinks and blues and lipstick, none of which translates too well when it's hot! So I've dug deep into my make up drawer and pulled out my lipglosses and bronzers. Most of them I got free I think!
For eyeshadow I've got some bronze and gold eyeshadow and a shimmery pink. When I have a tan (rarely!) I think I really suit these colours so it will be nice to wear them! I thought brown rather than black eyeliner. Plus my waterproof mascara!!
I usually wear foundation but I suppose it would be too much on holiday. Instead I have something by Rimmel called 'Recover Perfect Skin' in 'Healthy Glow'. I love their Recover foundation, and while I'm not quite sure what this stuff is, it looks quite nice and light on my skin. So I'll probably use it as a base. Then I have some bronzer- really hoping I'll get brown enough to use it, but if not I have some Miss Sporty blusher which is a kind of tawny colour and will make my pasty skin look healthy!
I've also packed some bright lip glosses- bright red and bright pink because I've got an idea fruity colours would look great at night. Hopefully I'll be right!
So excited about my holiday now! Plus, I'm enjoying seeing all the Fashion Week stuff coming through- the types of things I'll be wearing when I go to Florence next year, fingers crossed!
Anyway, here's the beach I'll be lazing on 3 weeks today:

And the picturesque village of Mijas, not far from Fuengirola:

Eeek can't wait!


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Have fun & don't forget your SPF...make it SPF100. "Bad sun...bad-bad sun" Hee...
Anyhow feel free to check out my new blog! Say hi when you drop by ok...
Take care!

Helen said...

Thank you! I always get the mega high SPFs otherwise I burn and that just ruins the holiday :(