Monday, 15 September 2008

Back to school?

Around this time of year, I have urges to go and buy black shoes, shirts, backpacks and fountain pens. It's Back to School syndrome. As I left school over 5 years ago, I need to find some other way of channeling this desire.
My rubbish job has a uniform of a horrible red polyester shirt, black trousers and black shoes. Luckily I can choose the shoes and trousers myself. Naturally, I don't want to spend too much, and they need to be comfortable, but also quite stylish.
I keep looking at trousers like these

which are £35 from Topshop. But do I want to spend £35 for work trousers? Not really, they will only get battered.
They also have these

which are £28 and look basically the same. The material is a mix of Polyester, Viscose and Elastine, which may be rubbish for out of work, but will suit me fine for work- easy to wash, stretchy and comfortable. I think I had these exact same trousers in my last two jobs anyway and they lasted years.
As I am on my feet all day at work, I need shoes that are instantly comfortable and don't need wearing in. I have been thinking about getting a mary-jane or t-bar style, as the ones I have at the moment keep slipping off which is irritating.
I really like these two from Faith, especially the second pair as they are quite unusual, plus they remind me of what I used to wear to school as a little girl!

They are both £25 and I don't know if I want to spend that much. Plus, Faith shoes sometimes take a while to break in. I tend to wear crazy socks at work, so maybe that would help.
Speaking of socks- like I said, I wear crazy socks at work, just a tiny bit of individuality. We aren't supposed to, but blagh, like the customers care what socks I'm wearing. For work purposes I usually get 3 for £7 from Topshop
So whenever I look at my feet I can feel cheerful when I'm at work!


Anonymous said...

Oh if only we had Topshop here in australia!
We can order it online but I'm unsure of the sizing, boo. I'd love to be able to shop there. Enjoy, you lucky thing!

El Notable said...

I am also addicted to topshop!!!!! I love those shoes you posted. Nice blog.

Helen said...

I'm not sure of the sizes in Australia, but I know Topshop tends to be slightly smaller. For example I am a 8-10 generally, but always a 10 in Topshop. Their 10 is about 34 inch chest, 26 waist (ish) but I am not sure about other sizes!
Thank you both for taking a look at my blog :)

saray said...

the topshop socks are sooo cute!!