Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Awesome Websites: Ebay

Yes it's obvious but I LOVE ebay. Especially at times like this when I am saving for my holiday and have no money. Also, when I was a student I bought most things off there!
My most recent fashion purchase was a 80s quilted handbag with a chain strap. Love them so much. It took me ages to get my hands on one as people kept outbidding me! Very upsetting.
Next week I might see how much money I have left from my wages and buy a couple of things for my holiday. A vest or a ra ra skirt or some flip flops.
There's quite a lot of holiday stuff on ebay at the moment because people are coming back from theres and selling all their clothes! That's what's so great about going on my holiday in October- sales in the shops and lots of bargains on ebay.
The ones above are all currently at 99p. I was looking for a vintage 80s one but couldn't find any. Boooo.

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