Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Something I really want, but know it won't suit me: sequin beret

I have a problem with berets. I don't understand how they are supposed to sit on your head. They look silly on me. I saw this one in the Topshop concession in Selfridges on Monday and just had to plonk it onto my head. My boyfriend was amused and was not shy to tell me it didn't suit me. I knew he was right. Berets do nothing for me.

This doesn't stop me picking them up , trying them on, bidding for them on ebay and imagining I am the sort of girl to pull it off.

If you are the sort of girl who looks awesome in berets, it's £18 from Topshop. You can sparkle gracefully through winter in a cute swing coat and lace up boots, while I scowl at you jealously.

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